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Operation Lion Claws I

My First John Lu Operation

Firstly, I would like to say how thankful I am to John Lu for deciding to have the first Operation Lion Claws right near where I grew up just outside of Bakersfield, CA at what used to be known as Target Zone paintball right along Poso Creek. I honestly had no idea how big of a series this was going to be when I first signed up, I just remember feeling overjoyed that Col. Danny Mcknight was not only going to be commanding a force of airsofters in a mock battle but that he would be doing so in Kern County!


Airsoft GI Reminds you to Be Safe and Be Responsible!

Airsoft is a great game but it does require some responsibility to play safely. Here are a few videos to help keep this game growing in the right direction.

GITV Exclusive Interview with John Lu

John Lu, the producer of some of the largest MILSIM airsoft operations across America, was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to sit down and have a chat with me. Sit back as we discover the roots of Operation Lion Claws, Operation Irene, and so many more!

More info on Motion Tracker and More GITV for your Viewing Pleasure!


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