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Budget Friendly AK Choices

Continuing in our series of budget minded guns, we present to you four different options that are under 150$ that are ready to get out and play and good buys for beginning airsofters.

Lancer Tactical AK74U

CYMA AK47S Tactical

D Boy FM Real Wood RK-10

Echo 1 AK-47 RIS

Coming Soon: Licensed Daniel Defense 12.0 Lite / 12.0 Lite FSP Rails

More info & photos:

The innovative Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 12.0 system gives the weapon system an uninterrupted upper rail platform and also allows the Armorer to install the rail system with simplified alignment to the upper receiver. Not only does this battle proven system provide features that no other rail system possesses, but it is also the lightest rail system available.

Learn How-To Install Your Own RIS from the Best

Madbull to Release new RIS II and Raptor II Soon!


Mad Bull is proud to present the fully licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 RIS II. Daniel Defense is the sole provider of the RIS II to the United States Special Operations Command. The M4A1 RIS II adds to their already popular MK18 RIS II variant. Notable differences between the M4A1 and Mk18 version is the length, the M4A1 is 12″ vs the Mk18 which comes in at 9.5″. For those of you with a standard M4A1 barrel, this version is for you since the Mk18 version is more suitable for shorter barrels. Note that this rail is also compatible with mil-type M203 grenade launchers.


“The long awaited fully licensed Gemtech Raptor (dummy) silencer. The real Gemtech Raptor features a lightweight quick-detach design for use with the 9mm MP5 tri-lug mount, a simple push in and twist installation. The new MadBull version also features both a lightweight and a quick-detach design and fits over any airsoft MP5 tri-lug mount.”

9.5″ MK18 RISII from Madbull

New production from MADBULL…. Made in Taiwan.

MadBull high quality handguard RIS.
Both Black and Dark Earth are available.