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MAP Policies Sweep Across the Airsoft Industry

If you’re even a little bit plugged into the airsoft industry then you’ve probably noticed the terms ‘MAP policy’ floating around recently. If you’re not familiar with the acronym, it stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Contrary to popular belief, MAP policy is a good thing. Many airsofters believe that retailers started enforcing MAP policy so that they can rip off the consumer to make more money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. MAP policy is put into place, and enforced by, the manufacturer and/or distributor of product to protect its value. It is very important to protect the value of each product because it ensures growth for the industry; growth for the manufacturers, growth for the retailers, and growth for the airsoft players. It may not be readily apparent how the airsoft player benefits from MAP pricing, most can easily see how the other parties benefit, so let’s look at the brand new A&K PKM as an example.


Mechanix Tactical Gloves Available Soon!

Airsoft GI is proud to announce that our shipment of Mechanix Tactical gloves has arrived and will be available for purchase shortly.  Mechanix makes protective gloves for many kinds of uses, and they have a dedicated tactical line up for the men and women that serve in the military; and now thanks to Airsoft GI these great quality gloves are available to you.  Click Here to see Mechanix gloves in action!

New Headgear and Eyewear from Zan

We have new eye and head protection from Zan Headgear.  The Bobster series of light weight, inexpensive, and reliable eye protection are an excellent substitute for high priced designer eyewear.  Some models are convertible from glasses to goggles, some have interchangeable lenses, but all of them are designed and tested to protect your eyes from BBs coming from all angles.  Also, the ZAN 3 in 1 Head Wrap is a great multi-purpose to protect the wears head or face. This is a great quality piece from Zan Headgear. The print is a custom design from Zan, the edges have been rolled and sewn to prevent fraying, and it’s made form 100% medium weight pre-washed cotton. The 3-IN-1 Head Wrap with Velcro also has polymer crystals to provide hours of cooling relief. Soak the 3-IN-1 cooler in cold water for 10 minutes to activate the cooling crystals and wear as a headband, necktie or skull cap to maximize cooling during hot days and activities. Can be worn 3 different ways and re-used hundreds of times.

Here is a quick video to demonstrate the versatility of the Prowler Convertible: