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A Beginner’s Best Friend – Gryffon Golem Rig

War combatants are required to carry a large number of items on their person; such as: ballistic plates, trauma kits, radio equipment, night vision, and other important tactical equipment. Airsoft doesn’t require these items in order to participate, and so airsoft kits are generally lighter. However, for many airsoft players and even firearm enthusiasts, there is a modern concept that implies, “less is more.” This means that if you trim out the fat of a particular kit, all you’ll have is a lean mean kit that is lightweight and simple to use and understand. Having a simple lightweight kit is beneficial to the user because it simplifies training as well as giving added mobility for fast maneuvers on the airsoft field.

Gryffon Golem Chest Rig in Tan


Are you Ready for New Horizon?!? Jason Is!

M4A1 Comparison and OE TECH Gun Bag Videos

Many people seem to be curious why we had G&G send us plastic bodies instead of metal ones. Put very simply, the poly bodies are cheaper, lighter, and almost nearly as strong. Here is a quick video review of two G4-A1 side by side, one metal and one not; can you even tell which is which?

Also, gun safety should always be a top priority, and part of that is the proper storage and transportation of your gun. There is not better way to do that than inside a gun bag. Every player should have one. Tim goes over the features of the OE TECH 36″ Dual Molle Gunbag in this next video.