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Tactical Gear Head – SMG-8 Medic

Because the WE SMG-8 is at such a great price point, Bob decided to build a set up around two of them! With the extra mags, Blue Force Gear MP7 Chest Rig, Gryffon DragonSpine Belt Rig, and Tru-Spec Gear Bob is ready to get out and play. Be sure to check it out on our website!

WE SMG-8 Medic Loadout

Pantac USA 1000D Cordura Weapon Catch (Coyote) X 2

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed MP7 Chest Rig (Multicam)

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! with Helium Whisper Attachement System (Multicam)

WE SMG8 Gas Blow back Airsoft Gun (Black)

WE SMG8 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun (Tan)

WE 40rd SMG8 GBB Airsoft Magazine X 5

Gryffon Dragonspine Belt System (Tan)

Lancer Tactical Helmet Face Armour (Camo)

Tru-Spec Tactical Response BDU Pants (Multicam/L/Regular)

Tru-Spec XTREME BDU Shirt (Multicam/L/Regular)

Smith Optics Outside The Wire Goggle (Multicam)

Condor/OE TECH Stryker Padded Knuckle Tactical Gloves (Sage/Large – 10)

Tactical Crusader Single Bungee Sling (Tan)

Fake Rubber Bayonet

Swiss Arms Single Point Bungee Sling for M4 (Dark Earth) X 2

Condor/OE TECH Riggers Belt (M/L, TAN)

Condor/OE TECH Medic Patch (Multicam)

MM Tactical Medic Pirate Patch (OD)

Lancer Tactical CP AF Helmet (Dark Earth)

Lancer Tactical WLX Style Universial NVG Shroud for Navy Seal OPS FAST Helmet (3 Holes/Tan)

Tactical Gear Head Shotgun Loadout

Bob was inspired this past week and wanted to show new and older players the kind of loadout that was possible when purchasing AirsoftGI’s new Combat Machine and Shotgun Bundle Deals. In addition, he also bought some of the bundled Condor plate carrier online specials. If you like what he built, be sure to leave a comment below and check out the products on our website!

Shotgun and Combat Machine Bundle Loadout
Combat Machine Blowback M16/M3 Tri Shot Shotgun 2 Airsoft Gun Package Deal

Condor/OE TECH Molle Shotgun Scabbard OD

Condor/OE TECH Plate Carrier Combat Set (OD/Tactical Vest) ONLINE ONLY

Condor Outdoor MOLLE Shotgun Shell Pouch (OD)

UTG/Double Eagle/Bravo 30rd M3 Spring Powered Shotgun Shell Package

Condor/OE TECH Stryker Padded Knuckle Tactical Gloves (Sage/Large – 10)

Annex MI-7 Full Face Mask (V-Cam)

Condor/OE TECH Stealth Operator Pants (OD – 38W X 34L)

UTG Xenon Tactical Flashlight

NC STAR Universal Weaver Base Barrel Mount

Milspec Monkey MSM Cool Guy Hat DLUX (Large to XLarge/Multicam)

Hatch XTAK Knee Pads (OD)

Condor/OE TECH Riggers Belt (M/L, OD)

Condor Outdoor Belt Mounted Magazine Recovery Pouch (OD)

Condor/OE TECH Tactical SF Sling (OD)

KJ Works Full Metal SIG 226 GBB Airsoft Gun

Condor/OE TECH VT Holster (OD)

Tactical Gear Heads – Tactical AK Loadout

Have you ever wanted to see what a tactical AK loadout might look like? Well, look no further. Bob grabbed an AK with a RIS and tried to pick the best gear for combat. Be sure to check them out on our website!

G&G Full Metal RK103 EVO AEG Airsoft Gun

JG Foldable Vertical Grip for AK-47 RIS

Magpul PTS US Palm AK30 Magazine (Black) X 2

MFT React AK47 Magazine Coupler (Flat Dark)

King Arms MPS AK Combat Chest Rig (Tan)

Vism Micro Green Dot Sight (Integrated Red Laser)

Smith Optics LOPRO Regulator Goggle (Multicam)

Lancer Tactical Helmet Face Armour (Foliage Green)

Echo 1 3000rd AK High Capacity AEG Drum Magazine

Goblin Solo Player Set (Black)

Madbull MAX Tactical RAS Fix Ver. 3 Scope Riser Mount (Adjustable Length)

Condor/OE TECH Riggers Belt (M/L, TAN)

Smith Optics Boogie Shock Cord And Velcro Kit (Tan)

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggle (Clear)

Airsoft GI – Live Stream 7-16-2013

For those that missed the livestream yesterday, Tim, Bob & Josh talk about some new stuff coming out in the airsoft world. Take alook especially if you’ve ever been interested in an affordable Navy SEAL loadout!

Lancer Tactical 6094


G&G 1×4 Scope

TvB5 Tickets