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A Few New Videos From Airsoft GI

The KJW is the best bang for buck gas sniper rifle on the market. It shoots hard, doesn’t need upgrading, it’s built well, and it’s very accurate due to the long barrel. This thing really has it all.

Don’t ever put BBs that have fallen on the ground in your gun! They can be used for claymores or BB showers but dirty BBs can really mess up your airsoft gun.

This pistol is deadly accurate and really quiet. If you want to succeed in a night game this is a great side arm to have.

A classic gun design that translates well to airsoft. This gun has come a long way since I owned one years ago and it is definitely worth the money.

Take a Close Look at the KJW KP07 and Echo 1 ER16!

New What Else Is There? Bolt Action Sniper Rifles!

Sneak Peek at the New KJW KP-06 2011!

This pistol is a new sample sent from KJW.  It’s their 2011 race ready pistol from the factory, and its due to be released this September!