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Angels in Airsoft – Q&A with Kimberly Kalil

It only takes one trip to a local field to know that Airsoft is a predominantly male oriented sport. The pure physical nature of the hobby along with the sociological tendency for males to be competitive might lend a hand in this fact. After all, with the sweat, the welts, the rolling in the dirt, what female would dare try to mingle with the hordes of men looking to shoot one another for kicks? Well, there are such females, and Airsoft GI presents one of them.

Kimberly Kalil is a regular customer at the Airsoft GI walk-in store. Sporting a G&G Femme Fatale, she makes regular visits to the Tac City South and does well as an active member of an airsoft pick up group. Airsoft GI had a chance to interview this angel of airsoft, and here are the details!