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Can the new JAG Scattergun Hit at Long Range?

JAG Scatter Gun

The biggest question on the minds of any airsofter interesed in new JAG Scattergun Airsoft Shotgun has been the same.

“How Far does it shoot?”

Dave from our Texas store took this beauty to the range at D14 Airsoft and took it direct to the source. With the help of a good friend of Dave’s, Tony P. (Thanks Dude!) we were able to deduce the effective range of this brand new airsoft option for our loyal readers.

Click Past the Jump to See it in Action! (more…)

New M4 Flash Mag From JAG Precision

Green Laser Comparison

Within the spectrum of white light, green light is the easiest for the human eye to see.  This is why green lasers are more effective outdoors than any other laser color.  This video will do a quick comparison of two similar lasers.