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Article Giveaway!

It’s simple, submit an airsoft article to us and we’ll randomly draw a winner from the submissions to get FREE Stuff. The article requirements are as follows:

Subject/Title: Write about the tactical gear you use and why you use it.
Length: 400-500 Words
References: Link Products Discussed In Article
Deadline/Give Away Date: Sept 6th 2013
Reading Level: 12 Years Old
Format: Microsoft Word .doc OR Equivalent

  • • D Boys MK17H Airsoft Gun (Black)
  • • Defcon 500D Wardog Pack (Tan)
  • • ICS Polo Shirt
  • • ICS Upgrade Kit
  • • Airsoft GI Swag Set

Submit to: [email protected]
Info to Include: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Article with Reference Links



Something Heavy is Coming!

Stay Tuned!


Sneak Peek at G&G’s G2000 and GK17-H!