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What’s in the Box? Fish Shows off his Gameday Box

Ever wondered how other people handle getting all of their stuff to an event? Some of us like a never ending parade of tactical bags and rifle cases. Some of us like a more elegant solution, like Fish. Check out how he gets his gear to the game in the video below! Is this how you prefer to get your items to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

What Changes would you make to Fish’s setup? More boxes? One big box?

3 Bag Bulk BB Bargains!

One can never have enough ammunition…

You can buy all the airsoft guns and gear in the world, but you’ll always need BB’s to fuel your plastic rage!

At Airsoft GI, you can buy BB’s in three bag bundles, allowing you to save roughly 10-15% on your BB purchases. This discount also stacks with out coupon codes, so in the end, you’re effectively getting these BB’s at about 20-30% off!

Bulk BB Bargains

Safety Above Everything – Gryffon Aerie Rifle Case

Gun bags are an integral part of responsible firearms ownership, and this follows for airsoft as well, since the latest airsoft guns on the market are nearly indistinguishable from their real steel counterparts.If mishandled in public, airsoft guns are subject to cause a great deal of concern, as the average citizen may mistaken them for real firearms.

Gryffon Aerie Rifle Case


G4 A1 Tactical Carbine and OE TECH Double Gun Bag

New Video Covering the OE TECH Sniper Drag Bag