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Check out the JG AUG A3 and Check out what’s coming up on GITV!

The G4 Series Article is due this week…

An in-depth article featuring the G4 series guns and there origin is due to be published early this week.  Here is an abstract for you to get a taste of what’s to come:

Many months ago when the G4 was nothing more than an idea the airsoft market was very polarized.  On one side there was the upper echelon of Airsoft, long standing companies that have been engineering the same durable goods for years; the only choice in the minds of some seasoned players.  Conversely on the other side were the newcomers, well versed in economics, looking to supplement the low cost sector; the main attraction for the younger novice player.  This left a huge void right in the middle, where were the guns that were cool enough for the old-school guys, but affordable enough for the new-school?  The G4 fit this bill like a glove.

New GI TV!

The Airsoft GI G4 A3 and A5

A quick overview of the Airsoft GI G4 A3 and A5. The A3 might look like a regular M4 carbine but it’s so much more. The A3 is loaded with features that other manufacturers can’t offer, and to upgrade a regular M4 like that would cost hundreds! The A5 is a versatile mid-length carbine, with a 12″ RIS, it has the most rail space of any G4 Series.

Echo 1 M8A3

Here is some light entertainment to kick off the weekend. The Echo 1 M8A3 is a great versatile gun for both outdoor and indoor CQB. The mid-length rail set up is gaining popularity from competition speed shooters and tactical gurus alike.