Special Announcement! Don’t Miss The GITV Sale on November 19th!

We will be having our special GI TV sale at our walk-in store on November 19th from 10am to 5pm! There will be a 20% discount on all items at the store, as well as our price-match guarantee!

Special Door Buster Prices:

KWA KMP9 GBB Airsoft Gun – $161.25
Javelin M24 Sniper Rifle – $131.25
KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical OD – $93.75
Echo 1 Full Metal E90 ETW – $127.50
A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada BLK – $217.50
WE Full Metal/Fake Wood M14 GBBR – $250.50
Javelin Full Metal M4 RIS (Package) – $165.00
G&G Full Metal/Real Wood RK47 – $150.00
KWA MK23 GBB Pistol – $137.21

There will be more details to come, so be sure to pay attention!