Rumor Mill: 3 new Echo1 Models

Echo1 gun
Echo1 gun
echo1 gun
echo1 gun
echo1 gun
echo1 gun

Rumor Mill: 3 new Echo1 Models.

You can see one is JP41.  It looks very small.  Maybe a personal defense weapon of some sort?  There are 2 other boxes, one looked like have something “arms” on the box.  The other one looked like some sort of flip down sights.

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  • the first gun shown definitely looks like an m60, if it is im looking forward to it coming out

  • That is one wierd looking m60 if you are talking about the one on the top. The top and the bottem have what appears to be flip up sights

  • I don’t know what these new guns are but I’m very happy echo one is putting out these new guns.

  • well, the first 2 are almost definately m4/m16 models. the very first one has s-arms on it, so its probably stag arms. i personally think they’re just 2 new versions of the sr-25. the last one doesn’t look like an mp7, it has an mp5 rear sight, and i’ve never seen one with that on it. whatever they are though, they’ll pry be pretty sweet.

  • Top: FN SCAR (if it was Masada, Magpul would bite your nuts off)
    Middle: SR25. JG already released it in HK and the packing is identical.
    Bottom: looks pretty weird, with a RIS rail all over the top and HK tumbler rear sight. Maybe an UMP?

  • Well, the 1st looks like the SR-25, the 2nd some huge M-16 model, and the last one like an MP-5 with a modified full RIS system, folding stock and don’t know what else.

  • First and second are some sort of Armalite/SR25’s, the last one has to be an MP5, the only H&K guns of that length are MP5’s or some kind of butchered 416.

    My guess is another MP5(K) CQC/charger.

  • The last one is an MP7. Just look at the magazines… I just can’t wait for KWA’s GBB MP7.

  • The top one is definatley Stag Arms something or other, because right before the blacked out area is STA – then it blacks out. The middle one, I have no idea, the last looks like some kind of enhanced PDW or CPW. I can’t wait for Echo to release these new models!

  • Look at the last one. The manual says M4-XR right under the blacked out space. It could be a twisted, deformed M4/416 thing.

  • The very last one looks like a UMP with a retractable stock, I know it sounds wierd but look at the front sight.

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