Optics – Need or Want?

Are you focused?

Traditionally, a magnified scope is one of the most useful items that a marksman can use for his/her long range rifle. A well trained marksman with a scoped rifle is the most lethal weapon on the battlefield today. For closer range, electronic optics aid the operators by giving them faster target acquisition and easier target acquisition during low light situation. Overall, putting optics on your battle rifle or long range rifle is definitely a force multiplier, and it will definitely increase your lethality.

Wallpaper: Do you have the patience for the perfect shot?

However, in the world of airsoft, optics are another controversial subject. Generally in airsoft, electronic optics are for cosmetic function only. Electronic optics, most commonly known as the red dot sight, make an ordinary airsoft gun look more aesthetically pleasing. Let face it, when you are good at playing airsoft, you want to be the best looking one on the field, also, you want to be TACTICOOL. 🙂

However, airsofters might use magnified optics on a sniper rifle. By putting a magnified optic on a designated marksman rifle or a sniper rifle, it serves two basic functions, long range target identification and making a fine precise shot.

NC Star and VISM Scope Line

NC Star has provided quality optics for a very long time. NC Star originally targeted the firearm industry, by providing them affordable optics. As the airsoft industry expanded and became more popular, NC Star created a special line of optics just for airsoft. The VISM line, by NC Star, provides airsofters quality and affordable optics for airsoft use.

VISM Vintage Series
VISM Center Beam Series

The VISM line is not only affordable and high quality, but it is also innovative. Some of the VISM scopes come with built in lasers. You might ask why high power scopes need a laser. The laser can aid you in a CQB environment since you are unable to aim with your high power optic.

VISM Micro Green Dot with integrated Red Laser

VISM also make high quality micro green dot sights, which are perfect for your sub machine guns and assault rifles. The Micro Green Dot also comes with the integrated red laser. It is perfect for situations when the operator is unable to acquire a line of sight. The laser also functions as an intimidation tool.

NC STAR 4×32 Line

Check out the complete NC Star Scope line at www.airsoftgi.com. They make affordable and a quality line of scopes for the firearm industry and airsoft industry. Also, check out the VISM line of optics, which is their newest line of optics. Until next time, I am Andrew, stay safe, get out and play airsoft.

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