New Mini Battlestar Mystery Box

Available for sale: 4:00PM PDT (7:00PM EDT) 10/10/2013
Ship out date: 10/17/2013

This is the twelfth Mini Battle Star Mystery Box for 2013. The Mini Battle Star Mystery Box is more like a high end mystery box for a fraction of the price. Contained in this Mystery Box is the new Magpul RM4, WE MSK GBBR, as well as the Umarex MP5A4 OEM by VFC, and the popular KWA Kriss Vector. There are 37 boxes available and 23 of them contain a gun that’s worth more than what you are paying! The individual cost of the 23 airsoft guns are worth more than the cost of this mystery box. Not to mention that this box contains the MSK GBBR by WE as well as products from KWA, Umarex, and more! The Mini Battle Star Mystery Boxes are on sale for $154.99, for that price you are guaranteed at least $154.99 worth of merchandise and some lucky individuals will get much more than what they paid! What more have you got to lose?

Please Note:

  • We do the very best that we can to randomize the entire process of the mystery box creation. Nevertheless, there is still a probability that if multiple boxes are purchased that duplicate items will be received. In order to maintain the integrity of the mystery box and make it fair to all who participate, no refunds or exchanges will be made for mystery box items. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Mystery Boxes are NOT Canadian Compliant.


Description MSRP Ratio
Magpul PTS RM4 Scout Electric Recoil (ERG) Airsoft Gun By KWA $380.00 1:37
WE Full Metal Advanced Combat Rifle MSK Gas Blow Back Rifle Airsoft Gun ( Black ) $380.00 2:37
KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun ( NS2 System ) $364.95 1:37
Umarex H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun ( 3 Round Burst / by VFC ) $304.99 1:37
Umarex IWI Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/Competition Series) $175.00 3:37
Umarex IWI Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan/Competition Series) $175.00 1:37
Lancer Tactical Full Metal Gearbox Tactical AK AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan/Polymer Body) $163.00 14:37
Umarex H&K G36C AEG Airsoft Gun ( Black / Sportline ) (*not discounted) $154.99 14:37

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