Magpul P.T.S. Masada AKM – A True Adpative Airsoft Gun

Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM


Because of the innovative design, the Magpul Masada is one of the few revolutionary prototype weapon system ever entered into the firearm market. First revealed at Shot Show 2007, the Masada gained a lot of support from the firearm, military, and the law enforcement community. However, bringing this revolutionary firearm prototype to full production is a difficult job, especially for a firearm accessory company. In 2008, Magpul sold the rights to Remington and Bushmaster, and renamed the prototype, the A.C.R. (Adaptive Combat Rifle), which is in full production.

The gang at Magpul understands the importance of having a reliable, durable, and modular weapon system on the battlefield can make the difference between life and death. They started with the good old reliable M4 platform, and tried to keep as many features as possible. As the project continued, more and more features were redesigned. At the end, all the M4 features that were left were the front sight post, fire control mechanism, and the barrel. Magpul then added ambidextrous controls on the weapon system, and updated it with a 21st century lower receiver (polymer lower). At the end, the weapon system does not even look like an M4, instead, it turned out to be something better.

Magpul Masada features a ambidextrous fire selector switch. The Texture on the grip is actually the Magpul logo.

Everyone knows that the Magpul Masada comes in 5.56/.223, which takes the M4/M16 magazines. However, no many people know the Masada prototype actually can shoot another caliber, which is the infamous AK47 round, 7.62x39mm. all the operator needs to do, is switching out the lower receiver, barrel, and the bolt carrier group (which can be done in less than 3 minutes). People may wonder why American war fighters today would need a gun that shoots the AK round. Two main reasons; first, the operator can use the enemy’s magazine if he/she ran out of ammunition, and second, using the enemy’s ammunition can make the operator virtually undetected.

Magpul P.T.S. Masada AKM features a fordable stock, making the weapon more maneuverable.

 The Magpul PTS Masada 7.62 AKM CQB Airsoft Gun

A few days ago, my manager Tim handed me the Magpul PTS Masada 7.62 AKM CQB so I could write a review on it. Let me start this by telling you a little bit of history behind Magpul P.T.S. (Professional Training and Simulation). As you might not be aware, Magpul PTS is actually a sub-division of Magpul Industries (real firearm accessories company). The famous and classified polymer materials used on the real Magpul P-Mags are used on the Magpul PTS P-Mags. The only difference between Magpul Industries and Magpul P.T.S. is Magpul Industries manufacture and operates in Colorado, USA; and Magpul P.T.S. manufacture and operates in Hong Kong, China.

The barrel (and the entire gun) can be disassembled without any tools.

I have never fired a real Magpul Masada before but I have fired a Bushmaster A.C.R. The Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM feels very similar to the bushmaster A.C.R. All the features on a real A.C.R. are featured on the Magpul P.T.S. Masada, which includes ambidextrous fire selector, ambidextrous bolt catch/release, a foldable butt stock, an adjustable cheek piece , a quick change barrel system, built in front sight, Magpul MBUS rear sight, and last but not least, the charging handle can go on either side. The Magpul MOE Rails can be fitted onto the handguard with no modification required.

The Stock (Foldable), has 6 different positions and 2 poisitions cheek riser.
The bolt catch/release is located inside the trigger guard, which makes it ambidextrous. (Up = Catch, Down = Release)

The Magpul P.T.S. Masada features the famous ARES internals. The gearbox from ARES features a micro switch, which is very similar to the Systema PTW (Professional Training Weapons). It removes electronic arcing, increase trigger response, making the trigger smoother and more consistent. The ARES internals also allows the operator to change the spring rapidly, with no technical skills necessary. This feature makes the Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM truly adaptive.

The Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM features a quick change spring system, which makes the system truly adaptive for any situation.

With the Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM, airsofters literally will never have to buy another airsoft gun again. The airsoft gun shoots 340-350 fps right out of the box, which is ideal for C.Q.B. (Close Quarter Battle). If the operator wants the gun to shoot harder for whatever reasons, all he needs is to do is to purchase another spring and install it himself/herself. Keep in mind that the Magpul P.T.S. Masada 7.62 AKM Airsoft Gun will only accept Magpul P.T.S. AK Magazines.

Stay tune for more airsoft news, tips, and information. Until next time, I am Andrew, thanks for joining.


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