Let’s talk Boots

Boots are an essential piece of equipment which is neglected by the airsoft community. Boots can prevent unintentional and unnecessary injuries while playing airsoft. Selecting a good pair of boots not only minimizes the chance of getting injuries, but it can also maximize your experience during a game. Oh, and did I mention that it makes you look professional?

The TRU-Spec Side Zipper Boot is perfect for on duty law enforcement personnel, uniform of plain clothes.

There are reasons why law enforcement and military require officers and service members to wear boots when they are on duty. However in Airsoft, I highly recommend that players spend the money to get a good pair of boots. Over the years, I have seen a lot of airsofters twist their ankles because they were using running/tennis shoes. I have also seen a lot of players hurt their back and knees because of cheap quality boots. So make sure you purchase a pair of quality boots.

A good pair of boots can prevent unnecessary and unwanted injuries while playing airsoft.

Finding a good pair of quality boots is not an easy task. For me, my pair of boots must have the following features: it must have good ankle support and arch support, it must be waterproof, it must have a good sole, and it must be comfortable. Other features which are nice to have but not necessary to me are side zippers and bleed water.

A good boot company will spend a lot of time and money to research and develop their products. They spend a lot of time dedicated to find out what the end user needs from them. They actually spend time talking to law enforcement officers and military personnel and find out what they would like to improve on their boots.

The Under Armour Speed Freek Boots has an excellent sole, from kicking doors to oil resistance.

After extensive research and development, and gathering data from law enforcement officers and military personnel, the boot company will then decide on which material fits their research.

The TRU-Spec Side Zipper Tactical boots has an excellent sole to resist oil and increase traction.

There are numerous brands of boots out in the tactical market. The three brands that Airsoft GI carries are TRU-Spec, Under Armour, and Condor. We might carry additional brand in the future, so make sure keep checking our website daily!

The TRU-Spec is an excellent pair of boots for starters.

All three brands Airsoft GI carries are well made. TRU-Spec has built their reputation on high quality tactical battle dress uniforms and tactical apparel. Just like their tactical uniforms, TRUspec has spared no expense on their line of tactical boots.

Under Armour Speed Freek Boots have an excellent sole expressly designed to prevent slippage.

Under Armour has built their reputation on making some of the best apparel for athletics and the tactical market. Like their apparel, Under Armour puts the same principles into their line of tactical boots, making them one of the best tactical boots.

The Multicam on the Under Armour boots will go nicely with your Multicam load out.

Finally, Condor has improved the quality of their tactical gear over the last few years, proving that they are capable of making good tactical gear. Their line of tactical boots has also improved ten fold.

The condor Cruiser Boots has proved that Condor has increased the quality of their products dramatically.

Obviously, the prices on these boots depend on the quality, the design, the brand and the build material; sometimes, color can be a price factor also. So do your research before buying a pair of cheap boots from Walmart.

The Condor Crusier boots is 6″ high; also avaliable in black.

Like I have mentioned before, I highly recommend airsofters spend the money on a pair of good boots. Having a pair of good boots can enhance your airsoft experience and minimize the chance of you getting injured. Check out the Under Armour, TRU-Spec, and Condor Boots at www.airsoftgi.com. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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