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Everyone knows that Lancer Tactical produces the world most affordable airsoft electric gun. Airsofters can now purchase a completely up-to-standard airsoft electric rifle for under $100. One hundred dollars is all you need these days to get out on the field and be competitive with more expensive guns. Lancer Tactical AEGs are so affordable that I can also have money left over to purchase BBs, Tactical Gear and high capacity magazines without breaking my bank. However, after the gun is taken care of another question arises, what about tactical gear?. Even though I have saved a ton of money on the gun, tactical gear is still expensive. Tactical gear these days can cost an arm and a leg.

An average plate carrier cost about $60, which does not include any pouches. Depending on the variation of pouches, quantities of pouches and quality of pouches, the price can be overwhelming for most of us. On today’s battlefield, a lot of airsofters’ mentality is to at least look good. My typical set up for an amour package consist of the following: a plate carrier, 3 rifle magazine pouches, 2 pistol magazine pouches, hydration carrier, admin pouch, and a radio pouch. This kind of combination can easily cost a minimum $250. It is extremely difficult for most of us, especially in this economy, to cough up this kind of money for gear.  Fortunately, thanks to Lancer Tactical we no longer have to.

Lancer Tactical

Take this for an example. I really like this J-Tech Releasable Raider Plate Carrier. It cost $80 with no pouches on it. If I set this plate carrier up like it was my own, it would have a triple M4 pouch, an admin pouch, an utility pouch, and a radio pouch. A Triple M4 Pouch by OE Tech is about $15, the Admin pouch cost about $9, the utility pouch cost about $11, and the radio pouch cost about another $9. The entire set up cost about $125. Let’s think about it. You just purchased a gun, and you still have to spend another $125 for you to get out and play, and the $125 does not cover BBs and extra magazines.

As I have mentioned before, Lancer Tactical has produced the world most affordable “skirmishable” AEG on the market today. Lancer Tactical did not stop there, they have stepped up and produced the world most affordable tactical gear on the airsoft market to date. The new line of Lancer Tactical plate carrier and chest rigs are really affordable, and surprisingly durable. Unlike the past, where a plate carrier would cost me an entire pay check, then the pouches would cost the entire following pay check.

Quick Release Plate Carrier

Let me introduce you the Lancer Tactical Releasable Plate Carrier. The plate carrier has the same features as the more expensive J Tech Version, but the thing that blows my mind is the fact that it comes with everything you need! It comes with a triple M4 Pouch, an utility pouch, an Admin pouch, and a radio pouch. The entire package only cost about $61 and it still has all of the features J Tech offers.

Although the Lancer Tactical does not use 1000D Denier Condura nylon like J Tech does, it is still very durable. Lancer Tactical uses a lighter tactical nylon for its tactical gear. Although 600D denier nylon is not as wear resistance as 1000D Denier nylon, it does however, save a lot of weight. A lot of reputable tactical Nylon manufacturer in the United States uses 500D Denier Nylon to save weight. A lot of special ops operator actually prefers 500D because they can carry more ammo with lighter equipment. With 600 Denier, the Lancer Tactical is the best of both worlds, light weight and durable.  600 Denier is actually more wear resistant that a lot of people think.

The stitching on this plate carrier seems durable. All of the critical stress point of the plate carrier has excellent reinforced stitching. The MOLLE slots are also very well stitched. However, the MOLLE Slots are a little bit uneven, which is not a big deal as long as the pouches fit, which they do. The entire Vest is held together with a cable. In the event of a medical emergency, drowning, or just simply too lazy to take off the carrier in the traditional manner, the operator can just pull the release cable, located in the front. The Carrier will immediately falls apart.

Strike Plate Carrier

Another excellent plate carrier manufactured by Lancer Tactical is the Lancer Tactical Strike Plate Carrier. Same as the Lancer Tactical Releasable Plate Carrier, the Strike Plate Carrier comes with all the essentials pouches you need in an operation. The Strike Plate Carrier uses the lighter 600 Denier nylon and the stitching is excellent It comes with a triple M4 magazine pouch, a double M4 Magazine pouch, 2x pistol magazine pouches, an admin pouch, a radio pouch, and an utility pouch. This plate carrier is more than enough for you to go on a three day operation.

Just like the Releasable Plate Carrier, the Strike Plate Carrier has obtained similar features. The Strike Plate Carrier replicates the famous Eagle CIRAS Maritime Version. Located at the top, when the release cable is pulled; the plate carrier will fall apart. The Strike Plate Carrier is also fully adjustable, so it will fit most body types. There is a small opening on the back which can be adjusted according to the operator’s body type.

Assault Plate Carrier

If you admire low profile plate carriers just like I do, then the Assault Plate Carrier with Cummerbund is a perfect match for you. Like all other Lancer Tactical Plate Carriers, the Assault Plate Carrier comes all the essential pouches; a Triple M4 Pouch, a double M4 pouch, an admin pouch, and a utility pouch. Just like other Lancer Tactical Plate Carriers, the Assault Plate Carrier is made with 600 Denier Nylon. Although this plate carrier does not have a releasable cable system, however, it has 2 release buckles on the shoulder strap for a quick dismount.

Spec Op Plate Carrier

If you like an even lower profile plate carrier for carrying just the essential equipment on a mission, then the Spec Op Plate Carrier is for you. This is a fast and extremely low profile setup with just enough space for the necessities on an operation. The Lancer Tactical Spec Op Plate Carrier comes with a triple M4 pouch, an admin pouch and a utility pouch. This Plate Carrier is perfect for you if you are in favor of an extremely light weight set up and stealthy operations.

Imagine this, you spend about $100 for a brand new Lancer Tactical AEG, and you purchase one of the Lancer Tactical Plate Carriers. With the current Airsoft GI season to remember promotion, it will be 20% off with free shipping. What this means is that you will spend approximately $130 and are ready to go out on  to the battlefield and dominate the opposing team. I wish Lancer Tactical existed when I first started Airsoft because a price like this is hard to beat. Check out the Lancer Tactical Releasable Plate Carrier at I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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