Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4’s

Lancer Tactical came onto the market in 2012. Offering budget priced guns that could give people a taste of Airsoft. They quickly grew a reputation for being cheap, poor quality control, and overall bad guns. They revamped their starter line in mid-2017 and haven’t looked back since. They took everyone’s complaints from their original line and addressed every issue. Now, it is an incredibly solid gun that is still priced at the entry level. We’ll be taking a look at everything they’ve done to fix their entry line today.


Improved Gear Set

The original Lancer Tactical M4’s had a pretty basic gearset. A pot-metal mix that failed more often than they didn’t. Lancer Tactical upgraded to the XYT 18:1 gearset. This allows for a better rate of fire and better durability. Now switching to a stiffer spring would not result in immediate gear failure.

Rotary Style Hop Up Unit

Originally, Lancer Tactical included a cheap Clear Plastic Hop Up unit. It featured a dial adjustment gear and would often lose tension after minimal adjustments. They switched to a rotary style hop up making it much more consistent. The rotary style unit is modeled very similarly to the Prowin Hop Up Unit. It holds its back spin incredibly well and keeps the trajectory very consistent.


8mm Steel Bushings

In a $120 gun you wouldn’t expect bushings to be a point of interest. Lancer Tactical included 8mm Steel Bushings to give you even better longevity and smoother performance. As an 8mm you can also swap it for most after market bushings as well.


Low Resistance Wiring

The wiring used in the Gen 2’s is also of the highest quality. It’s very similar in construction to Lonex wiring. It’ll allow for smooth transfer of energy. Giving you the best trigger response and rate of fire possible. It also helps when using a higher output battery.


Quick Change Spring Guide

The Airsoft Industry is slowly evolving to include a quick-change spring guide in guns. A lot of companies started putting this into their high-end guns. Lancer Tactical was one of the first to standardize it for entry level guns. The ability to adjust your FPS quickly is a huge plus for most players. It allows you to run your gun more effectively indoors or outdoors.


Full Metal Rack Piston

The Lancer Tactical Gen 2 has had several durability upgrades included out of the box. They come stock with XYT gears, 8mm Steel Bushings, and a Full Metal Tooth piston. All of that out equals durability and steady performance. What good does an airsoft gun do for you if it fails just 10,000 rounds?

Lancer Tactical has made strides to improve the quality and performance of their guns. They’ve gone from being an entry level option to a quality beginner level gun. They wont just give you a taste, they’ll give you a meal. You’ll get a solid work horse to keep you playing Airsoft. In addition you have a great base gun to upgrade off of or practice teching.

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