GBBR Magpul PTS Masada by CS Jordan


Hey guys, its Jordan from the Customer Service department again. Today we are looking at the new PTS Masada gas blowback rifle. PTS is known for the “hi-end” and unique products. The Masada does not fall short to what we’ve come to expect form PTS.

First off the gun feels great out of the box. The quality of the polymer and metal that was used in this build is phenomenal. It has the look of the classic Masada, but some how feels even better than their AEG version. There is no rattling from any parts on the gun, and it feels absolutely solid. Not only does the gun feel great, but it functions just as good. The bolt seems to be made of a lighter material allowing the rate of fire to be higher than the LM4. That being said, since it is made of a lighter material, the kick from the gun seems to be lighter as well. Out of the box, I think the gun performs better than the LM4. The gun comes pre-installed with a “cup seal mod” which allows for better gas efficiency out of the box. The magazine is pretty heavy and holds 2 rounds less than the LM4. The magazine seems to be my only issue with this gun. I feel is does not hold as much gas as the LM4 magazines and the BB’s tend to engage the bolt which causes it to lock. When using the LM4 magazines the gun cycled just fine and even felt a bit more “snappy”.

If I were to run this model, I would prefer to run it at an outdoor field. I would first put a few different accessories on it. First I would change one thing internally and that would be adding a Maple Leaf bucking, to give me better range and performance. I would like to put a replica Specter LCAN on there to give me some magnification. Lastly I would throw Magpul MVG on there to give me better support while shooting and a Bravo PEQ 15 for the light and laser options.

I don’t normally run gas blowback rifles when playing, mainly because I don’t own one. When I have used them they are a blast, and bring a unique feel and aspect to the game. That being said, I would love to run the PTS Masada at a game. The function and capability I would say fits my overall play style.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and performance of the gun. The gun shooting close to 400 fps out of the box and coming pre-installed with the “cup seal mod” I think the price tag of $420.00 is well worth it. The gun has a very unique look and feel and can bring a whole new look to any ones load out.

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