G-Code Holsters & Serpa Contracts for the Army

The US Army has finally announced a winner for their IMTH (Improved Modular Tactical Holster) for their M9 pistols. The award was split between ADS Inc & Military Hardware, LLC. ADS would bring the Serpa Blackhawk holsters, while Military Hardware would bring the G-Code.

This is great news, as both holsters are practical and have great tactical applications. The G-code especially, is a fantastic modular system that allows you to configure the pistol on many different locations throughout your person. Along with its RTI (Rapid Transition Interface), the G-Code holsters are solidly built and feature multiple retention modes. The RTI feature allows a user to move their own personal holster from mount to mount with ease.

The Serpa Holster is another solidly built piece of tactical gear that has the famed (and perhaps controversial) Serpa-Lock System. The pistol locks into place without the need of a hood, and by pressing a button, the pistol is unlocked and slides out of the holster for an easy draw. I have personally used the Serpa Holster for both airsoft & real steel shooting, and I have not been happier with a purchase.

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-Bob Hildebrand

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