From MadBull and SOCOMGEAR, popular items back in stock

(1) Famous MadBull metal body for M4. With all authorized trademark.
Due to the extremely high demand, we can’t keep sufficient inventory.
MadBull metal body kit is a super great deal because it includes MadBull famous Ultimate 3-in-1Hopup unit which you can upgrade to tracer Hopup.
The Hopup itself sold at $45 but the completed Metal body kit sold at $100 USD. What a steal!
Link to the metal body complete series:

(2) Famous MadBull 6.01 tight Bore Barrels with T6-7075 Aluminum.
Originally, it is an experiment and we only made couple thousands to sell to USA and some other areas.
The reason why we keep it low key is because it is not easy to produce.

It is not easy to produce tight bore barrels by using T6-7075.
The 7075 Aluminum materials are hard like steel and is used for building Aircraft.
We are the first one who use this high end material to make barrels. (This is the first time in the human history!! )

It took us 3 more months to make the 2nd production of 6.01mm tight bore barrel and now it is available in certain area.
Our link is unavailable because it sold out too fast. We will post the link once we can catch up the demand.
You can check the google search for more information:

(3) SOCOMGEAR M12 pistol holster sold individually.
Military grade. 1000 D Nylon. Not cheap China grade products.

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