Enter the Phantom

For those that do not already know me this is my introduction to the Airsoft G.I. community. Many people know me best by my nickname, Phantom (which is admittedly cooler than some nicknames I have had in the past). I work at Airsoft G.I. in the sales department but have been with Airsoft G.I. almost all the way back to the beginning. Before working here I played airsoft for several years so my experience is pretty extensive.

Over the years my collection of airsoft guns has undergone a lot of changes but the core components have stabilized to include a custom built MK12 MOD0 SPR that acts as my DMR, an upgraded G&G GR-16 for general field play, an upgraded TM M733 for CQB, and as a write this I realize that is just a fraction of what I have. A good way to put it is I have backups for my backups. Although I mostly play at mil-sim games we sponsor these days I started off back in that day playing CQB in places like J&T Military Surplus and Zipper Factory.

My extensive collection of airsoft guns should not lead you to believe airsoft is my only interest. I have a range of hobbies including hiking, fishing, knives, radios, etc. However, the largest time consumer and consumer of money is firearms. Since I have always had an interest in firearms (also what lead me to airsoft) I inevitably started collecting firearms and have become involved in various shooting sports including trap, skeet, and practical / defensive shooting. Whenever time and money allow you will probably find me at the shooting range.

Through the course of my involvement in shooting and airsoft I have acquired what I admit is probably an excessive amount of tactical gear and equipment. For that reason I consider myself a gear collector (or if you prefer one of the more derogatory terms, gear whore). My collection began small, as such things do, with a Condor / OE Tech Crossdraw Vest. My collection rapidly evolved to include different rigs from a range of high end manufactures including Eagle Industries, BHI, Specter, Safariland, HSGI, etc., etc.

Anyway, long story short (too late), I will periodically be bringing you the comings and the goings; the latest and the greatest here at Airsoft G.I. from my perspective.

Best Regards,