Airsoft GI G4 Airsoft Guns – Quality on a Budget

Airsoft GI G4-A1 9

In airsoft you generally get what you pay for but our Airsoft GI G4 series is one example where you can get quality at an affordable price. We assemble them using a receiver, gearbox, motor, stock, and grip OEM by G&G. G&G has been a high end airsoft gun manufacturer for at least as far back as when I started getting serious about airsoft. The remaining parts such as the stock, sights, barrel, etc. we get from a wide range of suppliers but normally they are only available aftermarket. And, all those parts the customer gets at a savings.

For example, take the new Airsoft GI G4-A1 9″ TRX MID Airsoft Gun which goes for $235. A Combat Machine Blow Back M16 Carbine Airsoft Gun ($170) uses the same gearbox, receiver, and motor. If you were to upgrade that model with a Mad Bull Troy TRX Battle Rail 9″ ($120) you would already be at $335 with an estimated $45 labor cost for installation. You are already saving $100 without taking into account the crane stock, battle grip, and receiver end plate sling adapter. That is the primary advantage of our G4 series, the savings. You also get an airsoft gun assembled and quality control tested here in the United States.

On the topic of the new Airsoft GI G4-A1 9″ TRX MID Airsoft Gun we have several new G4 models that use the Mad Bull Troy TRX and VTAC Battle Rails. (All licensed and trademarked by the way.) The advantage of these “rails” being that you have the stability of a free floating hand guard without the drawbacks of a fully “railed” hand guard. You can place rail segments along the hand guard where they are needed leaving the remainder of the hand guard clear for the placement of your hands. Your hands do not have to be on bare rails and no need for rail covers. Also, I do not mind the weight savings if only marginally.

Not a day goes by without me speaking to a potential customer that is looking to purchase an airsoft gun in the $200-$250 price range. Now there are some manufacturers that have managed to produce some models that fit that range but their features are limited. You cannot find an airsoft gun with all the same features and price as out G4 series models.

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