Echo1 Master Series Video Promo

You can get them from here!!!  Echo1 Master Series A4 and A5

The Echo 1 Master Class MP5A4 RAS is a great example of Echo 1’s ingenuity and excellent quality. The Master Class MP5A4 features a full metal upper receiver, a full metal RIS, a top rail for optics, and high quality plastic lower receiver and stock. Every attribute on this gun is made to imitate a real MP5 as close as possible. Additionally, Echo 1 has equipped these Master Class MP5’s with a spare ‘Power Up’ gearbox. Installed from the factory is a 350 FPS gearbox; and included is a complete 400 FPS gearbox, and lower receiver, and high torque motor. The Master Class MP5 is made for those players that play a wide range of airsoft games; there is no better gun to purchase if you play both CQB and Woodland than the Echo 1 Master Class MP5. As if it were not enough that Echo 1 is basically providing 2 guns for the price of one, they also include 2 high capacity magazines, a vertical grip, and battery, and charger. Ever since Echo 1’s release in 2006 they have continually set higher standards for themselves and this MP5 is a great example of another step up.

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Muzzle Velocity: 350-400 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds
Package Includes: Gun, 2 high cap mags, extra lower receiver and gearbox, vertical grip, battery, charger

Full Metal Body
Extra Gearbox
Top Rail
2 High Capacity Magazines
Vertical Grip
Full Metal RIS

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