Echo1 E90 Box magazine in stock in 1 1/2 week

echo1 p90 box mag
echo1 p90 box mag

We will be getthing this in within 1 1/2 week.  Retail it at 65.00.

4 Replies to “Echo1 E90 Box magazine in stock in 1 1/2 week”

  • Will this be able to be changed to the other side of the weapon for left-handed users?

  • I dont get it… how is it 1500 rounds if it just takes an m4 mag? is it easy to take on and of? and is it electric powered? im debating on purchasing this and need to know if it really has an advantage or just makes the gun heavyer.

  • The p90 box mags work like a paintball hopper when you put the m4 mag in with the door on it open you fill the box mag with 1500rds and with the door on the m4 mag open then bbs with grvity feed into the m4 clip from the box mag and you wind with the m4 clip which feeds into the p90. I dont think it adds that much weight to the gun either because the gun is only about 5 pounds and the box mag fully loaded should be about two so it will be fairly the same weight.

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