Condor Cyclone Plate Carrier – Definition of Rapid Response

If you have read my previous articles, you would know that I am all about efficiency. Bringing only the necessities to the battlefield is pretty much what I need. These include a primary, secondary weapon, magazines and hydration. You have seen my load out from my previous article, and you know that my plate carrier set up is really simple, very efficient, and very low profile. There are not many plate carriers in the airsoft market that can offer such a package. My philosophy is keep it simple. That’s why I chose the Banshee Plate carrier and running it with my HSGI Battle Belt. However, sometimes I do want to run even simpler set up, for close quarter battle or even a load out that gives me everything I need without weighing me down. With this set up, I am able to rush the enemy before they know what hit them.

That is the reason why I like the new Cyclone Plate Carrier from Condor Outdoor. It is very similar to my Banshee;  The Cyclone is a low profile plate carrier that offers a lot of versatility. Fully adjustable, it can fit most body types. The Cyclone Plate Carrier is made with 500 Denier Nylon, which has a lighter weigh than 1000 Denier nylon version of my Banshee, but still offers a great durability. The stitching on the Cyclone Plate Carrier is superb, on par with my Banshee Plate Carrier. Although it feels lighter than my Banshee, the Cyclone Plate carrier is just as durable as my Banshee.

Some of the features on the Cyclone are better than my Banshee (in my opinion). Take the shoulder pad for example:  on my Banshee, the shoulder pads are really thick. There is a release buckle underneath it which is very hard to unbuckle due to the thickness of the shoulder pad. However, on the Condor Cyclone, it is very easily accessible. There are hooks and loops on the front and back, so you do not need to purchase an admin panel for morale patches.

Just like on the Banshee Plate Carrier, the Cyclone has a kangaroo pocket with hook and loop. There are a lot of companies out there make kangaroo inserts for this kind of plate carrier. You can purchase one that is an admin pouch, or extra magazine pouch. This features is excellent, because it gives you option of what you need. For me, I chose to have 2 extra magazines in my banshee, so I purchased the magazine pouch insert for the kangaroo pouch.

The Cummerbund has MOLLE on the outside only, unlike the Banshee, which has MOLLE on the inside as well. Other than that, the cyclone is a solid plate carrier, ready for some action. There are 4 plate pockets which fit two 10×12 plates and two side plates. The Cummerbund, if desired, can be removed for an even lighter and lower profile look. The Cummerbund is full adjustable to fit different body sizes.

Since I like simple yet efficient set ups, this plate carrier is perfect for the new set up I am currently testing. I want to have a low profile plate carrier, carrying only what is necessary, and I am able to grab the plate carrier and I have everything I need to survive. This is the new set up I am experimenting with, and so far, it is very simple but very effective.

First, the plate carrier is already low profile enough, so not wanting to make the plate carrier bulky, I chose the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed rifle magazine pouch. These pouches are extremely low profile, and sit flat against the plate carrier when empty. Even with the magazine in the pouch, the bulkiness is at minimum. Then I put a double pistol magazine pouch by condor on this vest. This pouch is great, durable, and not as bulky as other pouches. Last but not least, I mounted a Source 1L kangaroo hydration pack on the back. This is the smallest MOLLE mount hydration pack, and the quality is top notch, and the size is the perfect for this low profile set up.

Since this is a quick and grab plate carrier, I am naming it the rapid response plate carrier. The idea behind this is to just grab this vest and you have all the support equipment you need for your primary. Therefore I have included a G-Code holster, because a secondary weapon system is just as important as your magazines. The G-Code holster system is perfect for this load out. With the MOLLE Adapter, the angle of the holster can be changed according to your needs. The holster placement is perfect; it feels extremely natural when you are drawing the pistol out. Re-holstering the gun is just as smooth as drawing.

Well there you have it. I call this set up the rapid response plate carrier. It has a great quality plate carrier (the Cyclone), with top notch quality pouches. This plate carrier is meant for someone to put it on and have everything he/she needs for the airsoft battlefield. If you like the scout/recon role and your play style is fast paced, rushing your enemy constantly, then you have to check out the Cyclone plate carrier and this rapid response set up. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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