Check out CJ’s write up on his Experience with the Tru-Spec combat shirt.

Before Lion Claws, I had played airsoft in normal BDU’s, but had never used a combat shirt, or really any type of Under Armor style clothes, so the combat shirt was completely new to me. When I first put it on, the body felt light and comfortable which was nice, but the first thing that I noticed about the sleeves was that they felt oversized and almost as if they were too big for my arms. The shirt size was right though, so I figured it was close enough and that I would get used to the arms. Overall, the shirt felt a lot more comfortable than a standard BDU top though, so I was happy.
When I put all of my gear on to play at Operation Lion Claws, I noticed that the lightweight body of the shirt made it much more comfortable to wear my vest, especially since we had to have a lot of gear for the amount of time that we would be spending out on the field. After getting all set to play, I didn’t even notice the arms on the shirt anymore, and I found the entire load-out to be actually quite comfortable.
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