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Gear Tips: Banshee Plate Carrier – Ultra Low Profile Set Up

The Banshee on top of the Level 3A soft armor, which normally is wore underneath the officer’s uniform

If you have followed my blog regularly, you would know that I like to run the Banshee Plate Carrier because it is very low profile. Although the Banshee Plate Carrier is low profile enough, did you know that the it can even be lower profile than it seems? That’s right, from the above picture; an operator can simply remove the cummerbund and run the banshee. So why one would remove the cummerbund and run the Banshee plate carrier in this fashion?Answer is simple. With less material, the plate carrier is lighter. By removing the cummerbund, obviously the carrier will be much lighter. The operator can be much faster, have more mobility, more agile, and the plate carrier is much easier to be put on. Since the cummerbund is remove, both sides of the plate carrier will be cleared and have no obstruction for handguns. The operator have more side clearance for holsters that are lower profile, sit closer to the body, or even concealment holsters.


Gear Tip: Holster Retention and Placement

So there is a lot of debate in the tactical operator world regarding which holsters retention are the best. After operating airsoft for about 6 years, firearm training for over 4 years, and interacted with military and local police officers, I have come to the conclusion that for direct action, any retention level is fine, in terms of Airsoft. However, if you are like me, who like to use the same gear in firearm training and in airsoft, then selecting a good holster is paramount. So the question remains, which holster retention level do you really need?