Preparation is everything when it comes to having a good day of airsoft. Whether a small weekend game or a large event with hundreds of players, proper preparation is essential. If you show up to game day without all of the items you need, you’re gonna have a bad time.

What are the essentials you need for a BB Wars game with Airsoft GI, though? They are pretty similar to what you need for your standard weekend pick-up game, with a few alterations. To better understand the items you’ll need though, you first need to understand what BB Wars is!

BB Wars is our twist on larger organized play, pitting unique scenario driven gameplay and sci fi themes together on the airsoft field. One of our biggest design components is something we call progressive advantages. This means if your team can accomplish specific objectives over the course of the day, you’ll receive special benefits, or give your enemy crushing disadvantages to push the game in your favor. These games pit large teams of players against one another, pushing objectives, and forcing you to fight over inches, not yards. This means you’ll need to pack a little differently than you’re used to.

To make sure you are properly prepared for BB Wars, you need to be prepared for heavy fighting, longer scenarios, and supporting yourself and your teammates on the field. Beyond the standard items you bring to a game, such as a gun, your vest, and a way to carry water; here’s a few things we think you’ll want to make sure to remember:

– Extra Ammo
– Boots
– Extra storage on your vest
– Back ups for EVERYTHING

Let’s get into why these things are important. First up, BB Wars is all about slinging plastic. You are definitely going to shoot more than normal, so make sure you have plenty of BB’s from your favorite manufacturer. We like These ones from Op Rubicon sponsor, Elite force, and These ones from Op Rubicon sponsor Classic Army.


You’re also going to be playing on uneven terrain, jumping over obstacles, and hauling game pieces across the field, so you’ll need some great foot support. A quality pair of boots, like these from Condor, should already be a part of your every day load out. If they are not, then BB Wars is the best time to make that upgrade. Nothing kills your good time like a rolled ankle, and you can’t help lead your team to a crushing victory if you can’t walk.

You’re going to need a place to carry stuff during any airsoft game, but during BB Wars, it’s EXTRA important. You’ll need to make sure you have places to keep all of these things, whether it’s the extra ammo we spoke about earlier, or game objectives and props, critical INTEL you had to recover, or a place to stow your guns and tools when you have to help carry that downed pilot or supply cache back to your base. You should take a look at your loadout, and make sure you have a spare dump pouch, general purpose pouch, or back pack like these from Condor, so you can maximize field effectiveness.

The last thing we think needs more consideration than a normal game is backup equipment. This point exists for two reasons. Firstly, with a game this heavy on the shooting side, your bound to strip a piston or burn up a motor or encounter some other game breaking issue. If you can’t fix it quickly, or safely at the field, sometimes it’s best just to switch to a new gun. Secondly, the scenarios can change quickly from a defensive scenario where an LMG (like this one from Classic Army) is king, to a more scout oriented game where you need to be light an nimble, maybe utilizing this Amoeba Striker sniper rifle from Elite Force. You’ll also want to vary your gear as you change guns, so back ups there are essential. You may have a versatile vest, but backups are definitely one of those “Better to have and not need, than need and not have” types of things.

Combined with your normal pre-game prep routine for your airsoft adventures, these extra considerations should keep you in the fight and successful as long as possible. Remember, prep ahead of time, go through your gear checks a few days early, and give yourself plenty of time to shore up any shortcomings in your kit. BB Wars is a very entry friendly game, but if you are pushing hard for victory, you can definitely strain the limits of your gear. Good luck Airsofters, and good hunting!

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