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Virginia’s Fist Ever Bone Yard Sale is Under Way!

100-A North Providence Rd in Chesterfield, VA 23235

Bone Yard Guns
Bone Yard Guns

The WE MSK GBBR Is Now Available for Sale!

This gun has been a pretty widely anticipated release.  I know a lot of video gamers out there are fans of this gun from the popular Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises and now you can get an awesome airsoft gun version.  The MSK is a very futuristic gun with an aluminum upper receiver, polymer lower receiver, ambidextrous controls, and a high tech stock.  The blow back action is crisp and provides amazing feedback to the shooter when fired.  Though the entire gun is really nice, the pièce de résistance on this gun is the trigger.  The trigger pull has absolutely no slack in it and the breaking point is smooth and decisive.  Additionally, since the trigger has such tight tolerances the reset is very quick which will allow for rapid and accurate follow up shots.  Combine the aforementioned features and build construction with the carbine length barrel that’s featured on this GBBR and you have a fantastic airsoft gun capable of amazing CQB and long distance play.

If you’re at all interested in the WE MSK, and you should be, then give our customer service line a call at (909) 869-0671 during business hours to place your order.

The All-New WE Tech SMG-8: Packing a Punch


Watch out folks, the all-new WE Tech SMG-8 has just hit the streets. For all you high speed operators out there, this gun may very well be the next gun you’ve been waiting for. At four pounds and fourteen ounces this compact, modular, and lightweight, SMG packs plenty of punch, at an affordable price.

Solid External Construction

Overall, the external construction of this airsoft gun is superb. It is constructed of an extremely high quality polymer, that gives it the heft and feel of its real steel counterpart, which is also constructed with a polymer receiver. WE Tech has been in the airsoft industries for quite a while and they have developed a strong reputation of producing high quality external bodies for their gas blow back airsoft guns.

Removable Side Rails.

The front end of the gun features two removable metal 1913 Picatinny (one on the right and one on the left). This is a nice option if you want to shave some weight off your gun and while also slimming it down. Additionally, the gun comes with a monolithic upper rail, allowing you to place an optic on the gun with ease. There is also a bottom rail segment for further attachments.

Solid Locking Three Position Telescopic Stock.

The rear of the gun features the iconic telescoping stock.which can extend into three different positions. This stock solidly locks into place and produces little to no wobble. Also, you will be able to find the two take-down pins at the rear of the gun. Taking down the gun is simple: just push the two take-down pins out and extract the rear plate and bolt carrier group.



Upon arrival, this gun comes with one forty four round magazine, a speed loader, and an extra threaded muzzle adapter. The included magazine is sturdy, and is large enough to fill enough gas to empty the magazine on fully automatic fire.

This gun shoot BBs at around 360 feet per second and is an absolute pleasure to shoot. Due to the full metal construction of the bolt carrier group, this gun features an amazingly concussive recoil when shooting. However, it gets even better. On fully automatic fire, this gun spits out BBs and an amazing rate of fire, great for CQB engagements.

Check it out today at, and remember to use coupon code “sweet16” to save 16% off your purchase.

WE Tech SMG-8

Open Box Items – New Condition – Covered Under Manufacturer Warranty

These items are in new condition.  They have been thoroughly inspected.  Items are still covered under warranty.  Click Image to view Open Box Item Section.

Open Box items

Airsoft GI Lends a Helping Hand


Recently, Airsoft GI has gotten in touch with Pheasants Forever, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other wildlife populations in North America.


The Buffalo Ridge Chapter of the organization, located in Lincoln City, Minnesota, is hosting its annual banquet to help introduce over 50 area youth to the wonders of the outdoors and have asked us to assist them in any way we see fit.


Seeing that this organization also fosters the growth of the outdoor sportsman, we at Airsoft GI have decided to donate an FMG4-A1 to Pheasants Forever, which will be the featured item of an auction fundraiser they are putting together. All proceeds will assist Pheasants Forever in accomplishing their goals.

Here at Airsoft GI, it is of utmost importance that we keep in mind the well-being of our customers and our communities. Whether it be catering to customer requests, emphasizing airsoft safety, or supporting a non-profit organization, Airsoft GI is here to serve and assist.

For More Information, Please Visit Pheasants Forever at: