Arcturus AK Airsoft Rifle Review

There’s been a bit of a buzz about the new rifles from Arcturus, specifically the AK models. But what exactly are you getting for your money? Let’s break it down.


Internal Build

The Arcturus will house a V3 gearbox that uses a microswitch trigger. This means that drop-in mosfets are unfortunately not able to be installed. However, the gears and piston are incredibly solid. It will take A LOT of stress to strip them down. The Quick-Change Spring System is definitely a plus. Being able to change the FPS without taking apart the gearbox is a great feature. Another positive is the 6.02 tight bore inner barrel that is installed out of the box. The compression is near perfect with a o-ring air nozzle and a full metal rack piston. The gearbox is excellently shimmed out of the box! Which is something rare from most manufacturers and should be acknowledged. This will increase the longevity and performance of the gun.

How do the externals hold up?

In one word; absolutely solid. The Arcturus bodies are on par with the durability of Classic Army or LCT bodies. If for whatever reason you wanted to replace the entire gearbox with another V3 it is possible. Each model has something different to offer. The M-LOK Rail included on a few models is very slim and feels comfortable in the hands. Out of the box, these guns come with a high cap magazine, mid cap magazine, and some include a nice accessory for the gun. Varying from a hand stop to a vertical grip. The pistol grip is very ergonomic. Unlike a traditional style or a Bravo style grip. The Arcturus pistol grip is a good in between. Being larger than a standard grip, but slimmer than the Bravo grip.

Is it worth it?

With both rugged exterior and beefy internals, the Arcturus AKs are definitely a contender and solid choice for anyone looking to get into the AK game. Especially when considering the price. All the Arcturus AK variants are set at a very affordable cost with great performance! With the plethora of different models available. You can choose the one that is perfect for you!

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