Airsoft GI: The Other Side of the Counter

The store front sure has changed lately, some long time customers of Airsoft GI will notice this the most. When Airsoft GI first opened its doors to the public the size of the sales floor wasn’t even a quarter of what it is today. Airsoft GI now has the largest sales floor in the world, and that is due to our continued effort to put our customers first. The sales team here at Airsoft GI is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced salesmen in the airsoft industry and not only do they love the game, they play as well. When you first walk into the store front you will be greeted by dozens of cases filled with the latest airsoft guns, parts, optics, and tactical gear. One of the newest and most notable features is the diamond style steel wall that displays any gun you can think of, from AK to Scar there is nothing that you cannot find in the Airsoft GI show room. The Airsoft show room also features many amenities that increase the shopping experience and help the buyer get to know their purchase as best as they can. The Airsoft GI show room features an extremely large shooting booth, at this shooting booth the customer can try out any gun that they wish and make sure their gun is working properly before purchase. The shooting range is also open to any body that needs a quick chrono free of charge. Another feature of the Airsoft GI showroom is the Tactical Gear room, in this room you can view all of our tactical gear including vests, slings, pouches, and anything else you can think of. In the tactical gear room you can try on any of Airsoft GI’s gear before purchase. On top of everything that is currently implemented in the Airsoft GI Showroom there is still more to come, the Airsoft GI showroom will never stop growing and improving. On the way is a self tech area with everything that a tech would need to disassemble an airsoft gun and install their recently purchased parts. It is obvious that Airsoft GI is at the epicenter of airsoft in America and will only continue to expand and help the airsoft community grow.
The biggest question I always see on the forums, Facebook, or in person is how do I get a job at Airsoft GI? What is it like to work at the biggest and most well known airsoft store in the country? Well I saw those requests and knew that I could help, so I thought who is better to know then the men behind the sales front. So for the first time I decided to conduct a interview with the sales team. First up I interviewed John, John has been working at Airsoft GI for about 5 months and has quickly become one of the go to guys here at Airsoft GI.

Aaron: First off let’s start with the basics, how did you come to work here at Airsoft GI?

John: I work at Airsoft GI because airsoft is a passion of mine and after college I really wanted to do something I am passionate about. When I saw GI hiring I sent in my resume.

Aaron: What makes you able to represent the best Airsoft Store in the U.S. through their walk in store?

John: My knowledge, passion and love for the sport. I really want to help others as people helped me throughout my years in airsoft.

Aaron: What do you think makes the Airsoft GI walk in store stand out from the rest?

John: Airsoft GI customer service and knowledge of airsoft can help a player at any level and relate to any player.

Aaron: What is the best part of working at Airsoft GI?

John: The best part of working at ASGI is meeting new people in the sport, helping other advance, building rapport with customers and co-workers.

Aaron: Are you proud to work here at Airsoft GI? Why is that so?

John: I am very proud to work at ASGI because ASGI is a standout name in the airsoft community. People look at
you different when you tell then you work at GI.

Aaron: Has your airsofting experience changed since you started working here at Airsoft GI?

John: Since work here I see a lot of customers at fields and we talk which helps me build a long lasting relationship with them. It also makes them feel more at ease when they are with me.

Aaron: How has the selling experience changed since the renovation?

John: I like the store a lot more. I do not feel as congested as the store was before. Also customers feel more at home and relaxed with the movies, games and couches.

Next I Interviewed Chris, Chris is a relatively new employee to Airsoft GI but brings a great dynamic to Airsoft GI.
Aaron: First off let’s start with the basics, how did you come to work at Airsoft GI?

Chris: I share an apartment with one of our other Airsoft GI sales associates (Jason) and he let me know that ASGI was hiring because he knew that I would mesh well with GI. When I visited the store and met with the manager for the first time it helped bring back my passion and interest for Airsoft.

Aaron: What makes you able to represent Airsoft GI through their walk in store?

Chris: My customer service and retail sales background together with my passion for working with people and my love of the game.

Aaron: What do you think makes the Airsoft GI walk in store stand out from the rest?

Chris: The knowledgeable and helpful staff along with the fact that we are constantly changing and updating our business to make it better for our customers. What sets us apart is how much we care about our customers and show them that we do.

Aaron: Why do you work at Airsoft GI?

Chris: I work at Airsoft GI because I genuinely enjoy my job. I love working with people, and I love getting to go to work at a job in an industry that I enjoy.

Aaron: What is the best part of working at Airsoft GI?

Chris: Getting to work with products in a industry that I am actually interested in. The best part of the job , though, is the look of happiness on a customers face when they purchase their first airsoft gun.

Aaron: How do you feel the store renovation has improved the customer experience?

Chris: I feel that the store has become more much more comfortable and welcoming with the expansion. The customers seem to enjoy spending their time here much more.

Aaron: How has the selling experience changed since the renovation?

Chris: Since the renovation, I’ve noticed that the sales experience seems to flow much more smoothly. The customers are much happier and comfortable as well as the employee and this makes the storefront a much happier environment for everyone.

So there you have it, a first hand account of what it is like to work in the Airsoft Gi retail store, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did!

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