A message from Madbull Airsoft.

About 6 years ago, MadBull started its business from a small BB shower, M381 6mm 18 rounds.

6 years passed, Madbull made more shells than anyone else in the world.

MadBull also have more varieties than competitors.

MadBull have more than 15 different models.

Our calibers start from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 0.68”, 40mm to foam rocket.

Our power sources start from green gas, red gas, to CO2.

Our capacities start from 1 rounds to 204 rounds.

All our product are using the highest quality materials and the “right” materials.

“We use the right materials on the right components”, Mr. Lee, Phd. Chief engineer said

Thanks for all your supporting in the past 6 years.


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