Bugging Out!

Natural disasters are a common occurrence on this Earth. With Hurricane Sandy last October, past natural disasters, and the impending zombie apocalypse, it should be a common sense to most of us that we should have an Emergency Bug-Out Bag for all end of the world scenarios. Bugging out should be the last option that you should take, because you are leaving everything you own behind in search for a safer location. When you do decide to leave, the most important question you should ask yourself is what should be in your Emergency Bug out Bag.

By now you should know that I am a huge supporter of our 2nd amendment. I believe that not only do we have the right to own firearms, but it is also our responsibility to protect ourselves and the ones we love. Even in a normal society police officers cannot be everywhere protecting everyone. With that being said, in an apocalyptic scenario or a world without rules, I would definitely include some type of firearm and ammunition for my own personal protection and protection of those in my company. I would choose to carry a semi automatic rifle and a 9mm handgun. Regardless of my weapons of choice, this article is more focused on the gear that you need to survive the post apocalyptic world.

An emergency bug out bag is supposed to have all the necessary supplies for you to survive at least 72 hours (3 Days). The purpose is to evacuate, not long time survival, which means within 72 hours, you’ll have to replenish your supplies or find a new permanent place to stay. During a bug out situation, the equipment you have will determine whether or not you will survive.

You need a durable pack to carry all you items. The OE TECH 3 Day Assault Pack is the perfect choice. It has enough space to pack everything you need to survive for at least 3 days. This pack is made with 1000 Denier tactical nylon and excellent stitching, and it will hold everything you need to survive. It has MOLLE webbing for additional add ons to the pack. There are 4 main compartments on this 3 day assault pack. The bottom slot can fit your emergency equipment such as flashlight, radio, and extra battery. There are two side compartments for other necessities.

Below is the list of item which are essential for your bug out bag. Without these items the chances of survival will decrease dramatically. These are the basic essential items. You could have more equipment than this, but this list is straight from a sergeant in the United State Air Force who is currently teaching survival. The items are very much like your normal camping supplies.

  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Knife / Multitool kit
  • Clothes – clothing that will keep you warm, extra socks, boots, poncho
  • First Aid kit
  • Matches / fire starter
  • Flashlight
  • Compass
  • Signal Mirror
  • Shelter (sleeping bag, tent)
  • Cooking utilities
  • Flares
  • Bug spray
  • Survival manual
  • Sewing kit,
  • Map
  • Water purifier
  • Small shovel
  • Radio – hand crank
  • 550 cord
  • Fishing gear

To carry water, I highly recommend carrying a hydration bladder. It is more flexible, and requires less room in your bug out bag. The Source WXP 3L Storm Valve Hydration Bladder can hold up to 3 littler of water. Another advantage of using a hydration bladder is the fact that you do not have to take off your backpack to drink water. The hydration bladder comes with a drink tube so you can drink water while on the fly. By having a hydration bladder inside your Bug out Bag, you can potentially keep the water at a cooler temperature by removing the element of outside heat sources.

Gloves in a bug out situation serve two purposes: protecting your hands from damage, and to keep you warm. I highly recommend the OE TECH combat Nomex Tactical Gloves. These gloves are made with Nomex, a fire retardant material. It has a palm pad and knuckle pad, and will keep you warm in cold weather. The palm pad and knuckle pad will protect you against dangerous elements, which is perfect for an end of the world type environment.

As for the flashlight, I truly believe the saying of one is none, two is one. Although you will find flashlights on my rifle and handgun, I will always carry a handheld light on me. Things can and will go wrong all the time. Batteries go dead or a bulb could burn out. If you only have weapon mounted lights, you will have to point your gun(s) at everything your light is pointing. Having a separate handheld light for searching is really convenient and much safer.

As to your first aid, i highly recommend the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now! to carry all your first aid items. This pouch is backed by the Helium Whisper MOLLE Backing for the ultimate durability. The pouch comes in 2 part, the outer pouch and the inner insert. The outer pouch can be mounted on the MOLLE platform on the 3 Day Assault Pack. The inner insert can be pulled out at a moment notice, with all your first aid items, such as band-aid and bandages. This pouch is a must have with your emergency bug out bag.

People might think that having an emergency bug out bag is paranoid, but I truly believe the saying “I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Having an emergency bug out bag can only get you so far, but having an emergency bug out plan can save your and your love one’s life. Start planning with your loved ones to gather all the necessary bug out equipment before the next natural disaster hits.

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