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Month: January 2018

SHOT SHOW VLOG! Featuring PTS, Elite Force, GLOCK, and Jag Precision!

Nine Millimeter Fever: G&G ARP9 Vs Classic Army Nemesis X9

Pistol Caliber Carbines are all the rage right now. The real steel world is on fire with new manufacturers coming out with AR styled rifles in pistol cartridges. It’s no wonder that the airsoft world is following suit to replicate these popular firearms. Both G&G and Classic Army have jumped head first into the world of pistol caliber AR-15 variants but which one is better? Which one of these guns is the original? Which gun should you buy?


Classic Army DT4: The New Standard?

The Classic Army DT4 Double Barrel AEG is a sight to behold! Running off a single motor and gear box, but firing two bb’s down two separately hop-up barrels, this thing is a monster!

Will this gun dominate the field? Is it a gimmick? We can’t say for certain, but it’s definitely piqued our interest, and it shoots great too!

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Airsoft GI

Common Airsoft Beginner’s Mistakes

Snagged a sweet gun for the holidays, or know someone who did? Peep these quick beginner tips to make sure you get started off smoothly!

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• Always make sure your hicap magazine is fully wound, and contains enough BBs to feed rounds consistently. An unwound magazine, or one that isn’t full enough to feed properly, will not function correctly.
• Never use poor quality BBs! These can jam the gun and damage your internal components. Only use BBs from a trusted airsoft specialty retailer – avoid sporting good stores.
• Make sure to monitor your battery while charging it! A full battery charge will take approximately 4-6 hours on a standard wall charger. Do not charge the battery unattended overnight, as this can damage or kill the battery.