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Month: July 2017

Field Chatter | JAG ARMS Shotgun Review – Best Gas Shotgun?

Time and time again, players will ask us for our favorite guns. Many times that begins with a long list of your standard fare of rifles; be it the M4, the AK-47, or the G36 style of airsoft gun. Often, these guns are purely separated by their external characteristics and perform identically to one another. Shotguns have always managed to differentiate themselves via their typically tri-shot performance; however the often cheap materials have always kept them from reaching “must-have” status. The JAG Arms Shotguns are here to settle that score, and prove once and for all that airsoft shotguns are here to outperform your expectations and steal that must-have slot away from some of your more coveted airsoft replicas.

Jag Arms Shotgun TS GBB
JAG Arms TS Shotgun

The first thing to cover about the JAG shotguns is their quality externals. Each model in the line has full metal external construction on the receiver itself, the barrel, and the magazine tube (although this is cosmetic as on other tri-shot guns) with polymer pumps on all models. The full stock models utilize a polymer stock as well, which house the gas cartridge, while the collapsible stock models sit a plastic LE style stock on a metal buffer tube, which serves as your gas chamber which you fill via the valve located on the buffer tube itself. Each model features a metal picatinny rail to attach optics while the TSS and SP models also feature a metal side saddle for holding additional shells (and if that weren’t enough, even include a few extra shells in the box as well). It is rounded off with a safety switch nestled quietly behind the trigger in a traditional position for a shotgun.


Click Here to see more details, and a 200 ft shot!

Quick Tip: How to Clean and Maintain AEG Barrels

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your airsoft gun’s inner barrel is one of the most important factors in keeping the gun in tip-top fighting shape, but is also overlooked quite often!

Airsoft guns utilize smooth bore inner barrels which sit inside the outer barrel, and can accumulate dust, dirt and grime quite quickly through normal use and play. Dirty barrels are the most common causes of FPS drop and poor accuracy. Obviously, the projectiles we fire are spheres, and the inner barrels have no rifling or other stabilization features of their real-steel counterparts. This means that keeping your barrel clean and free from debris is an absolute must!

Check out this quick tutorial from GI Tactical VA’s Zach for more information on how to keep those barrels squeaky clean and shooting straight!

The Arsenal – Duncan’s Avalon Saber CQB

As we continue our new feature on GITV Uncut where our store staff shows off the favorite guns in their personal selections, we have another hit from Duncan at the Texas store. His pick is his VFC Avalon Saber CQB from Elite Force. Duncan has left the gun mostly stock internally, but has added a couple of things to make it a bit more his speed for the field on the outside. Check out the video below…

For a Build List: Click past the jump (more…)

VLOG #13 | We’re Back! With new Block 2 rifles!

The Texas boys have been radio silent on the Vlog front for a few weeks because they’ve been so busy opening their new location! However, they are finally back in behind-the-scenes form to let you guys check out some more of what goes on working at an Airsoft store! Today, they get their grubby paws on the brand new E&L rifles! Check em out!

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Quick Tips: How to Adjust the Hop Up on your M4 Airsoft Gun

Have you ever wondered how to adjust the hop up on your M4? This seems like a common thing for an experienced airsofter, but we get tons of questions just like this from our newer players. To solve your long-range woes, Dave has a quick tip to help you get the most out of your new blaster. Check out the video below!

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