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Month: December 2013

Google+ Review Giveaway! Full Metal PDW Edition

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Knight's Armament PDW Full Metal AEG Airsoft Gun By Lancer Tactical
Knight’s Armament PDW Full Metal AEG Airsoft Gun By Lancer Tactical

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Deadline: Feb 14th, 2014

Airsoft GI is always growing as a company, and part of that grown is listening to our customers and viewers. Thank you for participation.

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Product Review Giveaway! New 2014 Edition!

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Elite Force 1911 Tactical CO2 Blowback Airsoft Gun

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Deadline: Feb 14th, 2014

P90 Comparison: Asia Electric Gun vs King Arms

For those that don’t know, the P90 is developed and manufactured by FN Herstal of Belgium. This compact personal defense weapon features a whole load of futuristic features that are still amazing even by today’s standards. Firing the 5.7x28mm round, this bullpup designed submachine gun has seen use in multiple combat operations as well as law enforcement roles. Currently in service with over 40 nations, including the United Sates, the P90 features a unique magazine design that few other firearms utilize. The P90 has also been featured in many modern first person shooters, such as Counterstrike, Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six, and Medal of Honor. Many films & TV shows, such as I Robot, Tomorrow Never Dies, Stargate Atlantis, and The Expendables, also feature the P90 due to its futuristic and intimidating design.

As far as airsoft is concerned, there are a few major manufacturers for the FN P90.  The two companies that we want to highlight are Asia Electric Gun, and King Arms. Externally, both are very similar. They feature metal upper RIS units and polymer bodies, just like the run gun. Both are top loaded bullpup submachine guns with their version 6 gearbox located behind the trigger near the buttstock. Fully licensed FN Herstal trademarks adorn both guns.

Internally however, they are some differences, and this is reflected in the pricing. The King Arms variant costs roughly 50 dollars more than the Asia Electric Guns version. Below we will highlight some of the main differences and features of the two.

Asia Electric Guns P90

IMG_7507 copy

  • – 7mm Spur & Sector Brass Bushings
  • – 6mm Bevel Steel Bushings
  • – Integrated Sector Gear Clip

What does it mean?
The 7mm Spur & Sector Bushings has increased surface space between the rotating axis of the gears and the bushings, which helps with stablization and heat management. Steel bushings are more durable, and will help increase the lifespan of your gearbox. The sector gear clip delays the air nozzle timing in order to better feed BB’s for high rate of fire builds.

King Arms P90

  • PF6A7495 copy– 6mm Metal Bushings
  • – Quick Spring Change System
  • – Sector Gear Clip
  • – V-Style Bucking

What does it mean?

The included quick spring change system allows you to change the spring on the gearbox in a matter of minutes. The advantage of this system is that it’ll give you maximum versatility for field selection. Instead of needing a separate (sub 350 fps) CQB legal gun and a separate (sub 400 fps) Field legal gun, you can simply swap the springs. The included sector gear clip allows for delayed air nozzle timing for the feeding of high rate of fire builds. The soft rubber bucking also features a V style shape, which puts pressure on the BB at two different points. This helps stabilize the BB’s in flight and thus increases effective accuracy.

VFC MK16 / MK17 Line

VFC ( Vega Force Company ) is a well known airsoft manufacturer in the industry. VFC has proven their name through performance and durability. One of VFC’s original line of performance airsoft guns is their SCAR line. The Special Operations Forces Combat Asault Rifle ( SCAR ) is a modular rifle designed by FN Herstal for U.S. SOCOM. The FN SCAR consisted of two main types. One chambered in 5.56x45mm ( MK16 / SCAR-L ) as well as one chambered for the bigger round 7.62x51mm ( MK17 / SCAR-H ).

VFC has done a great job in designing and creating a precise replica of the SCAR. VFC had originally created the MK16 line but had later created their line for the MK17 rifle. These rifles have gone through a major improvement over the past few years. Similar to the real firearm variant, the VFC Scar contains an aluminum upper receiver and polymer lower frame, stock, and pistol grip. Externally, the VFC MK16 / MK17 contain similar parts such as a monolithic upper rail, left and right rail segments for flashlights, lasers, etc. Like most airsoft SCAR variants on the market, the folding stock makes it easier when transporting your airsoft gun as well as exiting vehicles during a training scenario. The ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release serve a great purpose for left handed shooters especially when transitioning around corners, in buildings, etc. One thing that sets the VFC SCAR line from others is the folding stock, no wires are exposed when stock is folded over. VFC uses a unique hinge system. The gold plated contacts are built in the hinge making the VFC SCAR a more realistic airsoft gun. Although the VFC MK16 and MK17 are one of the more popular SCAR variant airsoft assault rifles on the airsoft field, the VFC MK17 SSR serves a great role for the long range shooter.

The VFC Sniper Support Rifle ( SSR ) is based off of the MK17. Unlike the MK16 and MK17, some of the more noticeable differences is the longer upper receiver as well as the longer barrel. Having a longer inner / outer barrel, allows the user to engage targets in the distance quickly and accurately. The longer monolithic upper rail allows the user to mount their preferred optic(s) at the preferred eye relief in order to adapt to the mission. The extended lower rail will allow the user to not only mount a bipod for stabilized long range shots but for mounting additional vertical grips for more control and comfort at mid range engagements. The VFC MK16 / MK17 has been well known to perform exceptionally well especially in stock form.

Internally, the VFC SCAR line contains simliar components. VFC’s pre-upgraded version 2 gearbox contains reinforced, self shimming, steel gears. Having reinforced drive train components alleviates the worry of parts breaking during operation on the field. Unlike other gearboxes, VFC is equipped with 8mm steel bushings which provide stability and longevity over plastic, copper, and brass bushings. The self shimming system allows the gears to be more stable during rotation. The polycarbonate piston is much stronger yet lighter for durability and longevity. The compression components such as the piston head, cylinder head, cylinder, and air nozzle provide superb air seal even over time. Having a great air seal provides a more consistent velocity output. Less deviation between shots.

Overall, the VFC continues to strive ahead in the airsoft industry by providing one of the best if not the best airsoft guns on the market. The externals are made out of the strongest materials while maintaining a slim and lightweight design. The external finish is exquisite and the internals are by superb. The entire airsoft The MK16 / MK17 line of airsoft guns by VFC are surely designed to impress the average airsoft player or collector.

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Revelation IV After Action Report


The day started early with GI Jay arriving at my house at 4:45am. Neither of us had had much sleep the night before, maybe 1-2 hrs. The forecast was for rain all day, fingers crossed we headed out. The drive time passed quickly and 2 hours later we pulled up to Ballahack. The parking lot was already filling up quickly.

IMG_1738We were able to set up our tables inside the staging area. The line for checking in snaked around the tables in the barn. Role-players kept order inside and occasionally a small show was put on, someone dealing with radiation would freak out and be subdued.

We geared up and spoke to many people as they passed our booth and while we walked around the front of the building. One could feel the excitement growing. The latest forecast showed the rain arriving mid to late in the afternoon, which put a bigger smile on everyone’s faces.

The briefing by Christopher was short, sweet and simple and then GAME ON!!!

As role-players Jay and I headed to the town to report to the Sheriff.

As a new recruit to the town guard I was stationed on guard duty on the East Gate, next to the 4 story building that served as the HQ.


My job was simple, allow people to leave the town area but not too allow access; access could be gained at the North gate. I was also tasked with keeping an eye out for attacks or suspicious people.

A jolly fellow and his band decided to take up residence in a building not far from the town, many called him Father Xmas, why he decided to live so close to the radiation was beyond me, of course since he was within range of our guns he had to pay rent, which he reluctantly did.  A short time later we came under fire from his direction. Our machine gunners inside our HQ along with several of us guards quickly put an end to that foolishness and the building became quite, Father Xmas sent an envoy to ask why we killed them all, our answer was simple you fired first. An uneasy clam settled in.

I rotated between the East gate and guarding the entrance to the HQ. I spoke with many people from the wasteland that had items that they thought might interest our Bartender, a fine gentleman that would purchase items from the travelers and sometimes send them on quests to locate items or persons.

There were several people who became unruly or spread hate and tried to instigate problems, they were of course summarily executed in the town square. (A Blank firing pistol was used and added to the feel). Throughout the day we had to evacuate the town of wastelanders to ensure the safety of the town.


Several of the buildings in the town were occupied by several different groups throughout the day. As the afternoon wore on one could feel tension in the air.

The HQ came under heavy fire from East and West, all the guards ran inside and we all took up positions at the windows; we were hard pressed to return fire from our positions due to the rain of fire we were under. Slowly it became clear that we were under attack from the West and that the forces on the Eastern side were in fact engaging the Western attackers and we were caught in the middle. Instructions were given to only engage the western side. The damage was already done and many people on the Eastern side lay dead (slowly respawned and returned to fight). As the sun set and the rain started the town was cleared of hostiles and returned to normality.


Game over!!!! We all returned to the staging area for Pizza, provided by Ballahack, big thanks for that. Jay and I prepared for the raffle. Christopher and Aaron started the raffle and then Jay and I got up and tossed hats and shirts to the crowd and raffled off the items we brought.

Jay and I slowly packed up and chatted with the players as they packed up and prepared to head out. We returned to Richmond around 9:30pm.

I had a great time, as I always seem to do at Ballahack, I cannot wait till REV V. I am planning my load out already. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Thank you Christopher & family, the staff at Ballahack, and most of all the Players!!!.