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Month: March 2013

Why Helium Whisper?

MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is the standard issued load-bearing equipment of the current generation in our armed forces. When done right, MOLLE can be the best load-carrying equipment in today’s battlefield. The pouches attached on the vest will have no up and down play, and it will be almost impossible to take off once attached. However, traditional MOLLE straps on the back of the pouches present problem that most people do not know.


NEW AND INSTOCK: Massif Army Combat Shirt ( Multicam )

Massif Army Combat Shirt

We recently received a shipment of Massif Army Combat Shirts. These Massif combat shirts are packed with standard features that not only set them aside from standard BDU tops but from all other combat shirts on the market. We currently have sizes small, medium, large, and extra large available. To find out more about Massif and their military products please visit their website.


– Flame resistant (FR) construction
– Lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric
– Four way stretch
– Sleeve pockets with zipper closure
– Built in IR reflector on left sleeve
– Reinforced, padded, and textured elbows
– Loop Velcro on each sleeve for the addition of rank, unit, morale, etc. patches
– Pen pocket on left sleeve
– Wrists are adjustable via Velcro for custom fit

Tim vs. Bob 4.5: Game 2 – Escape from VA

With the Timperor’s victory denied and his forces depleted, Tim’s only option to stave off total defeat rests in escaping the battlefield and living to fight another day. Tim finds his man pants and sends his remaining forces into the fray in order to thwart his untimely capture.

Tim vs. Bob 4.5: Game 1 – Bob’s Great Escape

With Elite Guard reeling from defeat the day prior, Tim orders his Elite Guard paratroopers onto the battlefield. Timperial reinforcements land in the Rebel LZ and right on top of the Rebel Ammo Depot. Bob The Axe Man along with a hardcore detachment of Rebels are cut off from friendly forces and must make their way through enemy lines to continue the fight and push the Timpire out of Virginia for good.

Tim vs. Bob Day 1 Game 2 – The Rebel Counterattack

Having held onto 3 oil pipelines, as well as securing the Town, and neutralizing Timperial air defenses, Bob’s Rebel Forces begin the battle in complete control of the Town. Immediately Bob’s Rebel forces begin the counterattack against Tim’s Elite Guard and push them back into their own territory.
While Timperial forces are on their heels, Tim is able to send a special forces detachment behind enemy lines to wreak havoc on the rebel Ammo Depot. Time will tell who wins this round!