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Month: February 2013

An Overview of Next Generation of FMG4 OEM by Lonex

It is my pleasure to tell you that Airsoft GI has selected a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for our full metal G4 Custom Airsoft guns, or FMG4s. Our G4 line is made by G&G combat machine, which are durable, reliable, and very affordable. A lot of our customers wanted a G4 custom that is full metal, but still affordable and reliable. As a result, we’ve come out with the FMG4. The first generation of FMG4 was OEM by VFC, which is an excellent company. VFC has provided the airsoft market with durable, reliable, and very solid performance airsoft guns. However, VFC guns are very expensive. Beside the fact the FMG4 has the Airsoft GI logo; the FMG4 and a VFC M4 are basically the same.


Echo 1 Red Star OCW (Operator Combat Weapon)

For anyone who is a fan of the tactical AK platform, this gun is a serious candidate for your arsenal. With an adjustable crane stock, ton of rail space, and great internals, Echo 1 has done a great job building this gun for anyone who wants to be more tactical in their game play. Be sure to look for it on our website!

Airsoft GI Live Show – Just in Case you’ve missed it

Join us for another live show where Tim, Frank, and Bob discuss everything from our new FMG4 line of airsoft guns, specialty hot dogs, Tim’s sneaky tactics, and our Golden Cobra sale. This show aired on 2/12/13.

FMG4-A3 Next Generation Full Metal M4 Carbine

The Airsoft GI Full Metal FMG4 is a new direction in the journey of the G4 AEGs. The current G4 is well known in the airsoft industry for being an amazing value and being built to a high standard. Now we have embarked on journey to create a full metal G4 line up with higher standards in mind. This new Full Metal FMG4 has an exquisite exterior, the metal parts are made of the same type of aluminum real guns are made from. The body is a cool matte finish with beautiful laser etching on the side. The Airsoft GI crest is clearly (more…)

What is Airsoft?

What is Airsoft you say? Well, THIS IS AIRSOFT!