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Month: October 2012

Airsoft GI $1200 Custom AEG?

When I received word that the techs were issued a challenge to build their dream gun, I knew that I had to do a special segment on at least one of their AEGs. There were 3 techs that entered the challenge and 3 incredible guns were built. Despite the price tag of $1200, all three guns are the best gun that money can buy. They are fully upgraded both internally and externally, and the quality parts are properly installed. These 3 guns remind me of me when I first entered the world of airsoft back in 2006. I spent so much money on my entire airsoft gun collection that I ended up living on the street (figuratively speaking). But it took me a lot of trials and errors to build the perfect gun.


KWA M226 P.T.P.

If you are hardcore Navy SEALs fans, Die Hard fans, or even just Sig Sauer fans in general, then you will most certainly appreciate the newly re-launched version of the M226 by KWA USA. KWA first released a full metal airsoft M226 back in 2007, but it was neither mass produced, nor made into much of a big deal at the time. It seemed that KWA actually did very little to promote the gun back in 2007, and as a result, very few people actually knew about its existence. Shortly after its initial release, the KWA M226 disappeared from the market for a while, that is, until about last week. Last week, I overheard the Airsoft GI purchasing department mentioning that the KWA M226 was back in stock, so I immediately went out to the warehouse and searched for this magnificent gas blow back pistol.


Project Reality – By KWA

Proper Training!

KWA is teaming up with ITS and Strategic Operations to bring you an incredible opportunity. On November 3rd and 4th, KWA Performance Industries and Integrity Tactical Solutions will be sponsoring the Khyber Training Group at the Strategic O

perations Training Facility in San Diego, where they will be teaching an Advanced Two Man Team Tactical Training Course.

Be sure to click on the picture to register for this course, and pick up all of your training gear from, where you can use the Savings Trifecta to achieve incredible savings!

One Day! One Item! One Incredible Deal!

That’s Right! 1 Day! 1 Item! 1 Incredible Deal! And today is the day! Be sure to hurry over to the Airsoft GI Shockers Section for your chance to pick up the KWA .25g bb’s for the incredible price of only $8.50 per bag! But hurry, because this deal is only good for today!