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Month: August 2012

SVD – Bigger, Badder, & Harder Hitting AK

The Dragunov Sniper Rifle or SVD is a short stroke gas piston operated semi auto sniper rifle. Chambered in 7.62x54mmR, the SVD came into service in the Soviet Union in 1963. The SVD utilizes a 10 rounds detachable box magazine. The rifle can deliver 10 accurate and lethal leads down range in less than 10 seconds. The quality control of the SVD has a higher standard compared to other Russian made small arms. This helps the SVD to be more consistent and maintain accuracy down range. Overall, this sniper rifle has been the main choice by the Russian and other countries around the world since the 60s.


The Phrase That Pays – Safety and Respect Edition

Good day everyone, it’s me Andrew. After a long conversation with my bosses, we are doing a special edition of “The Phrase that Pays”. As you might be aware, there were a few cases of officer involved shooting because of misuse of airsoft guns.To eliminate these types of tragedy in the future, Airsoft GI is doing a special edition of the “Phrase that Pays” to promote Safety.

For this “The Phrase that Pays” giveaway, we are going to give out a WE X-Tactical Gas Blow back Airsoft Gun. Please read the below rules for a chance to win this awesome airsoft gun! Remember, always play airsoft responsibly and safely.


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Officer Involved Shooting – Airsoft Related?

There is a senate bill in California right now that is trying to ban airsoft in Los Angeles County. SB1315 was created to prevent law enforcement from accidentally shooting civilians with airsoft guns. Supporters of SB1315 think that by banning airsoft guns they will eliminate all police shootings involving citizens with airsoft guns. This bill is a knee jerk reaction to an officer involved shooting a few years ago in Los Angeles County. It is like blaming the pencil for misspelling words. One of the many important things I have learned in my academic career as a criminal justice major is that crime control policy usually does not work the way it intended to be, and the policy generally get tied up at the Supreme Court, resulting in spending millions of tax payer’s dollars. The policy does not usually work for criminals, because a determined criminal will commit the crime even if the policy is in effect. SB1315 will end up punishing law abiding citizens instead of the criminals.


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