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Month: November 2011

A Few New Videos From Airsoft GI

The KJW is the best bang for buck gas sniper rifle on the market. It shoots hard, doesn’t need upgrading, it’s built well, and it’s very accurate due to the long barrel. This thing really has it all.

Don’t ever put BBs that have fallen on the ground in your gun! They can be used for claymores or BB showers but dirty BBs can really mess up your airsoft gun.

This pistol is deadly accurate and really quiet. If you want to succeed in a night game this is a great side arm to have.

A classic gun design that translates well to airsoft. This gun has come a long way since I owned one years ago and it is definitely worth the money.

Madbull News: AR57 Licensed Accessories Coming Soon

Madbull just signed a licensing agreement with AR57!

AR57 is a United States-based manufacturer or rifles and firearm accessories, including upper assemblies, magazines, ammunition, scopes, and barrels.
Madbull Airsoft is proud to begin working with AR57 to adapt their innovative rifle and accessory designs for use in Airsoft replica guns.

This cooperation means that Airsoft players will have a greater selection of realistic accessories with which to build their loadouts. In addition, these accessories will be
manufactured to the highest standard to live up to the AR57 reputation. Finally, licensing ensures that the brilliant engineers are properly compensated for their intellectual property.

Cyber Week Specials and Special Christmas-Time Shipping!

Check out all of our amazing Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals! Some of the shockers end at midnight tonight, and they won’t last long, so get yours today!

Do you want to get some awesome new airsoft stuff for Christmas? Airsoft GI can make sure you have it on time!

Black Friday! New Products! New Videos!

Our Black Friday Sale is going to be epic this year! Be there! Spend Thanksgiving Day with your family and then come spend Friday with us at our walk-in store!

You will be getting awesome deals on all of these great new products and more!

ICS M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Sportline)

Polar Star Fusion Engine Drop-in Gear Box for Ver. 2

Lancer Tactical 42″ Deluxe Molle Double Gun Bag w/ Flap – Available in Tan and OD

SOCOM Gear Tactical Mesh Plate Carrier – Available in Black, Tan, and OD

ECHO 1 MAX Series M4 CNC Hop Up Chamber

ECHO 1 MAX Series AK CNC Hop Up Chamber

Airsoft GI Red “Dead” Rag (Sponsored by Elite Force)

Specter Tactical Christmas Stocking – Available in ACU, Multicam, OD, Black, and Coyote

Airsoft GI Major League T-Shirt (3 Sponsored Special Edition )

And A Few New Videos For Your Entertainment

Airsoft GI Online Holiday Sales A Season To Remember with The Hildebrand’s

Video Blitz Announcement

What Ever Happened to Commercials? Airsoft GI Online Holiday Sales

Echo 1 MTC1 and MTC2 AEG Review (Modular Tactical Carbines)

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Specter Gear Christmas Stockings

Specter Christmas Stockings

We just got the Specter Gear Christmas Stockings in today and I thought they were amusing so I had to post something. They are constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. The front and back of the top edge is covered in loop fastener for the attachment of name tapes and patches. There is also a cord loop at the top to hang over the fireplace. They are available in OD, Black, ACU, Coyote, and Multicam.

At $15 ($16.50 for ACU and Multicam) I would definitely recommend picking one of these up if you are shopping for an airsofter this Christmas. It will bring them joy for years to come given the normally “bomb-proof” quality of Specter Gear products.

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