We may have won the battle, but the war is far from over!

We won the battle but not the war!
Today, June 21, 2011 the public safety committee in the California State Assembly voted down SB798. The bill was defeated with a 5-2 vote. This is an amazing feat for the airsoft community. Politicians tend to strictly vote party lines, and with a 5-2 majority of democrats in the public safety committee, SB798 was favored to pass. Even though the bill was voted down it doesn’t mean we’ve won. The bill is up for reconsideration, which means it could be rewritten and resubmitted. On behalf of the Airsoft Safety Foundation we would like to extend a heart felt thanks to all the great players called, emailed and made the trip to the capitol to have your voice heard loud and clear! We will keep you abreast of the bill’s progress, be prepared to fight another day to save our sport. Remember…play Airsoft with safety and respect and never in public!

The ASF along with our attorneys and lobbyist will continue to safe guard the sport of Airsoft and help ensure our sport continues to flourish in the future. The bill is up for re-submission so keep vigilant and stay tuned to the the ASF website at www.airsoftsafetyfoundation.org

If you do business with shops that are not currently a member of the ASF please encourage them to join. It’s only through your help and the attorney and lobbyist of the ASF that this bill was defeated.

ASF members includes some of the best known names in Airsoft all working on your behalf to ensure the safe pursuit of Airsoft continues for future generations!
101 Tech USA
Airsoft Evike.com
Airsoft Extreme
Airsoft G.I.
Airsoft Zone Corporation
Gamepod Combat Airsoft
JAG Precision
KWA Performance Industries
Prima USA
Softair USA
Specialized Distribution (Team SD)
Spartan Imports
Tac City Airsoft