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Operation Blue/Grey

Are you looking to join a high profile operation that features helicopter gun runs, zodiac boat missions, night operations, and direct action missions? Well, American Milsim, the same organizers that brought airsoft players Rebel Yell and Broken Home, are going to Ballahack Airsoft on October 12-13 2013 to hold Operation Blue/Grey.

Aerial View

Ballahack Airsoft was the site of the famous Tim vs Bob 4 and 4.5. It is one of the largest airsoft fields on the East Coast featuring 99 acres of woods, marshland, paths, clearings, and a central MOUT town. Ballahack is considered one of the premiere dedicated airsoft fields in the world.

Aerial View

American MILSIM features Direct Action Missions, which for an additional fee, your squad can participating in a custom written mission with interaction with dedicated LARPs. These slots are limited however, so sign up quickly!

Operation Blue/Grey

Ballahack Airsoft – 2900 Ballahack Rd. Chesapeake Virginia, 23322

American MILSIM

Affordable STANAG Compatible AEGs

What else is there? Is often a question asked by players looking to find something different from the AK and M4 platform. On this episode Bob will take you through a few choices to get away from the norm and still retain the ability to use the STANAG magazines.

S&T Tavor TAR-21 AEG

Lancer Tactical PDW With Official Knights Armament Licencing

Classic Army FN SCAR-L

M27 IAR Airsoft Gun

Thankfully, we got our hands on a very limited edition, unique M27 IAR. Elite Force and Umarex have decided to release only 500 of these rifles nation wide, meaning that when you purchase this gun, you are getting a super rare piece. However, additionally, this gun is cheaper than most regular IARs, meaning you can save money and still be awesome. This gun is scheduled to be released in October, so be sure to stay tuned to our website for more!

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