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Tim Vs Bob 5 – Revenge of the Timpire Gameplay Footage

Game 1 – Timpire forces make landing at airport. Who is ambushing who at this point?

Game 2 – Rebel Forces battle with Timpire Guard to gain control of the field. One of the control points has a minigun buggy on the line.

Game 3 – Battle lines have been drawn. Spoils of War are hidden and needs to be collected on the field.

Game 4 – Bob’s Forces need to withdraw from the area, but what happens when there’s an nuke at stake? See the final conclusion to this epic showdown!

Airsoft GI would like to thank all the sponsors that came out, and the staff of Game Pod Combat Zone. It was a great day and a great event! Be sure to stay tuned to for future events.
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Levelcap Gaming

ATP Auto!

The tight corners and room to room engagements that are bound to happen at Tim vs Bob 5 at GamePod Combat Zone are the perfect scenario for a full auto pistol like the ATP auto.  Check this thing out and get your tickets to TvB5 before they’re all gone!

TvB5 Tickets

ATP Auto

Gearing up for Tim Vs Bob 5?

Tim Vs Bob 5 is coming around the corner, and you’ll want to be equipped properly.

Flashlights are going to come in real handy for Tim vs Bob 5 at GamePod Combat Zone. Check out this M971, it’s a great light for only a little more than $60. Whether you get this one or a different model, a flashlight is a MUST for TvB5, or any other indoor CQB arena.

Night Evolution Flashlights
Tim Vs Bob Tickets