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Magic Box Miracle Barrel Test with Different Weights

Back by popular demand, we performed a more scientific Magic Box Miracle Barrel test. This time we add BB weight into the mix. This allows us to demonstrate not only the effectiveness of an upgraded barrel to a stock one, but also of the effects of different weight BB’s.

You might have seen our other Magic Box Miracle Barrel Test, but we wanted to change it up and show you how well the Miracle Barrel works with different weight and heavier weight bbs. Using a 300mm barrel at 60 yards, we compared the Miracle Barrel to the standard 300 mm barrel, to see how the two compared. Needless to say, the Miracle Barrel did great! Check them out on our website!

6.01mm vs 6.03mm vs Stock KWA SR-12 Barrel Test

Ever wondered if the couple 100th of a millimeter between the barrel diameter really made a difference for your accuracy?  Well wonder no further because we’ve devised a little test to find out.

G4A1 Stress Test

We put the G4A1 to the test and dropped it from 8 feet up in the air. And to our surprise nothing happened, SO WE DROPPED IT AGAIN!!! this time higher. Check it out: