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Customer War Story – Arthur Vega

“My most epic story is what got me really into airsoft. It was my first event and I was a noobie but Ive played a bit. I was rocking a basic rental m4. It was elimination CTF at the local field. My entire team was eliminated except for me and 1 other guy. we stuck together for this. We knew we had to grab the flag and get out quick, we approached the flag and eliminated 3 guys in quick succession. This turned the game into a 4v2 in favor of the other team. He ran for the flag and tripped a claymore and was eliminated and it was down to me. I quickly grabbed the flag and booked it into a nearby building. I ran around a corner and came behind 2 enemy’s by a window and took them out, I felt like a boss right there. I get to my base but am weary because the other 2 are no where insight so I take it slow. I see slight movement in the grass by our flag and take a scenic route around him, I took him out before he knew what happened. I had no idea where the last guy was so I ran to the flag. He pops out around a corner and sprays but misses me as I dive into cover, and get myself into a good position to fire and take him down! I won the game 4v1 and I have been playing airsoft ever since.”

– Arthur Vega

There was this one time at SC Viper…

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