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$8.95 Flat Rate Shipping this Weekend

This weekend, AirsoftGI is offering $8.95 flat rate shipping for three days! That is right! From 09/28 to 09/30, there will be flat rate shipping to anywhere. Alaska, Hawaii, Canada. Be sure to take advantage before it is over!

AKG-74M Ready to Ship

The KWA AKG-74M Gas Blow Back Rifle is now in stock and ready to ship! Those who have preordered will receive shipments first, and they’re getting ready to go out now!


Extra Magazines


Timpire Victory Means a Victory for Customers too.

This just in:

Vicious firefights broke out between the two forces at Gamepod in Antioch, California. The Timpire Elite Guard have smash the nefarious Rebel “The Axeman” Bob’s guerrilla’s and sent their forces scattering to the wind. It was a hard fought victory, and although the renegade leader Bob himself was not captured nor confirmed killed, the Timpire is safe yet again.

To celebrate this victory, Tim has decided to enforce a $8.95 Flat UPS Ground Shipping Rate this weekend from 8/17/2013 to 8/18/2013. No matter the size, and no matter the weight just $8.95

Tim is generous.

Tim is glorious.

Long Live the Timpire.

Independence Day Flat Shipping!

Airsoft GI wants everyone in the United States, from sea to shining sea, to have a great Independence Day celebration. So, we are offering $8.95 flat shipping on ALL orders; no matter the size, and no matter the distance. This offer starts on July 2nd and will end on 11:59 PST of July 7th.

Yes, this includes Alaska, Hawaii, & Canada!

Check out this example order.

FLAT $8.95 Shipping

Looking for some more details on this limited time offer? Check out this video!

Be sure not to miss out on AirsoftGI’s Father’s day flat rate shipping of 8.95, ending on June 18th! You can order from anywhere, however many products you want, and only pay 8.95 for shipping! Is it crazy? Yes! But do we love our customers? Yes. Be sure not to miss out on this awesome promotion, ending 23:59 PST, on June 18th.