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Ever Wanted to get into Bob’s Head?

Bob talks about his experience during one round at the Scouts Knives game. The Airsoft GI Scouts Knives page is a recreation of the popular Counter Strike mod, which every player is armed only with a bolt action rifle, & a knife.

Take a look at the original Scouts Knives Video.

Bob’s Scouts Knives Loadout!

We received many requests for the gear that was worn during the Scouts Knives video, and this is our response.  Bob goes over his kit as well as some funny happenings throughout the day of filming/gaming. (more…)

Josh Commentary – Scouts and Knives Video

We recently played a game of Scouts and Knives with our friends Desert Fox, LevelCap, and Warfighter. Josh goes over a few of the games and gives you the inside scoop on what he was thinking.

Take a look at the original video.